We couldn’t stay away forever.

Years ago, the proprietors of this place wrote and discussed the issues of the day in an entertaining, thoughtful, and often-irreverent way. It was great. But times and lives changed, and we just couldn’t keep it up anymore.

In the intervening years, many of us occasionally waded into political threads on  Facebook, but we know how those often turn out. These years also featured sweeping changes in culture, and the rise of a certain orange-hued politician that has severely disrupted the status quo.

Now, we have a burning desire to opine on and discuss the “walking fireworks show” of contemporary politics and culture. But we’d rather avoid spamming these opinions to Facebook and risk alienating most or all of our families. There’s a proper place for this sort of thing, and this blog is it.

Because all of us live full and busy lives, a shared platform is the right way to go, allowing us to maintain a somewhat consistent daily flow of content without burning ourselves out. We feature a range of voices from folks living throughout the U.S., each with his or her own unique perspective and set of interests, but all with a generally similar philosophical bent. We invite thoughtful discussion and participation as well–we will certainly be commenting on each other’s posts.

So, set sail with us on this new adventure of “Ridiculous Vikings Stuff”!

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Whatever comes of this, you’ve given us a wonderful start and I pledge to see it through for many years to come. Let it never get dull!

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