No offense to any of the fine Florida natives among our staff, of course, but it is surprising to me that it was immigrant-heavy Miami-Dade County that first realized the stupid and counterproductive futility of remaining a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants and changed direction.

It’s amazing to me that any city or county officials can face their own taxpaying citizens, and tell them without revealing at the end that it’s all a practical joke and doubling over with laughter, that it would prefer to deny them the benefits of federal funding in any form just for the sake of protecting the interests of non-citizens who are in the country illegally and who, according to studies, represent a net drain on public revenue.  These officials should be recalled simply for mental unfitness, if not tarred-and-feathered or sent to FEMA camps.

A moral stance can certainly bolster good governance, but good governance should never be sacrificed for the sake of meaningless grandstanding that flouts the law and works against the interests of the citizens who government ought be serving.

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