I was delighted to find an article on CNN Money this morning about one of my favorite pet topics to complain about: the systematic overuse and abuse of the H1B program by tech employers.

Unlike attempts to reform immigration policies that might seem unfair while preventing “immigrants to do the work that Americans refuse to do” or “leaving refugees and their children to die”, an attempt to curb the over-reliance on H1B’s is on much stronger ground as this program really does depress middle class American salaries, locks American workers out of jobs that they will do, is exploitative, and reforming it won’t involve a lot of sob stories about suffering kids.

For the tech companies H1B’s are great.  They get virtual indentured servants who are limited in their ability to seek employment elsewhere and will happily work for half the compensation of an American citizen.  In return, we get workers who (from my experience) simply are not any better than equally-qualified Americans and, worse, they’re much harder to communicate with.  Which sucks.  Nobody ever says so at the office, of course, but everyone knows it’s true.

Bring forth the EO.

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