Cable news has been focused on the rowdy town hall meetings this week in which hapless Republican congressmen have been walking right into shit-storms from angry constituents–and in some cases, running away from those harsh shit-winds and shit-lightning.

Team Trump was quick to respond that these aren’t really just principled constituents trying to protect their own access to health care, but simply a part of an organized Democratic Party effort.  The response to that is a collective “Nuh uh!” from the Resistance, whose conduct is about as mature as the name it has given itself (or who its billionaire interests have named it, whatever).

Feel free to argue with me, but I don’t see how it’s anything but that everything the Resistance is doing with its street protests, town hall demonstrations, and other activities are being centrally-controlled and organized.  This was not only true of Occupy and Black Lives Matter with their mysterious sources of funding, consistency of methods, and oh, yeah, what we’ve learned from Project Veritas on the relationship between these direct action groups and the DNC; but according to progressives it was completely true of the Tea Party as well.

I have never met a progressive in the many years since the Tea Party first started showing up to protest TARP who believed that the movement was an organic one and was anything other than a virtual subsidiary of Koch Industries.  They kept laughing and sneering, even as the movement helped snatch Congress and legislatures away from their party over the years.  Suddenly finding themselves in TrumpLandia, they’re realized that the predominately white, angry, entrepreneurial, small-government, gun-loving, fetus-worshipping Tea Partiers with all that sweet Koch cash now holds sway.

Was the Tea Party a big astro-turf operation?  I don’t know or care.  I don’t think so, anyway, but it doesn’t matter.  In spite of some of their wackier candidates and weirder protestors, they did successfully challenge the status quo and are doing quite well these days, electorally speaking.  Democrats must be looking at this and saying, “If those cavemen can do it, we can too!  We’ve got perfectly good billionaires and weirdos with signs!”

Point is that if progressives really believe that the Tea Party was all basically pushed by shadowy rich men and that the Resistance is more or less trying to replicate its success from the other direction of American politics, they might as well admit to themselves that it’s perfectly okay that this is the way it is and not get bogged down arguing about it.

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The Tea Party didn’t try to shut people up and wasn’t being run by either corrupt billionaires (George Soros) or ex-presidents with nothing better to do (Barack Obama). And therein lies the difference-these people are professional rent-a-rioter types; conservatives typically don’t do demonstrations because they believe in the power of the ballot bos (and most have jobs so they don’t have time to protest.)

The “Resistance” should perhaps be more worried about the Blue Split they’re causing (when Howard Dean thinks you’re too radical, something’s not right…)


I guess you could claim that the Tea Party was different and somehow better than Resistance because of x, and I’m personally inclined to agree than not, but progressives would be quick to talk about Tea Partiers hanging Obama in effigy, somehow contributing to Gabby Giffords getting shot, and causing the government to shut down. As far as the Democratic Party is concerned, ANYTHING the Resistance does is justified, because the Tea Party ultimately worked (and they HATE that). As for the radicalism, yeah, it’s going to be fun watching them deal with that. The 2020 DNC Primary is going… Read more »

The Tea party was most certainly organic and grass roots Given how chaotic and uncoordinated it was inits beginning, and then how the old establishment tried to deflect them, and once that proved useless , pander to them, and then ignore them once the elections were secured. … and thus leading to the outsider Trump gaining a upper hand. the left is welcome to try to establish their own movement, the Coffee party floundered and failed.. but then again was backed by big money DNC actors.. given how much anger there is against Trump they may succeed this time.

What happens in the mid terms is gonna be Key, and since Perez, got the DNC chair, and not Ellison, maybe cooler more sane.. ugh check that less insane heads, are in charge … naw… this might drive them toa split, that so crippled The party in the last election…hopefully.. well, the jury is still out, just buckle down and get ready for a Mr.Frogs Wild Ride ….


If that’s their goal, they have a tough row to hoe. The direction of the electorate at the state level is going to be very, very hard to shift.

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