It brings me tremendous pleasure, similar to the sort of pleasure that only 65% of heterosexual women receive during sex, to revive the Friday music thread tradition!  This has long been a feature of the Right-Thinking from the Left Coast (which is mostly on the East Coast these days) and The Victorious Opposition (which is dead) blogging communities and now it’s here at RVS.  Our mission is to bring your week to a joyous close and prevent you from getting any work done whatsoever.

For those who are new, this is where we put politics and all that seriousness aside and share music that’s relevant to the DJ post (or not, nobody cares) and combine it all into a playlist.  Over the years, doing this has broadened my musical tastes and I hope the gang can do the same for you.  If you want in, just post a track in the comments.

Now, let’s get on topic.  

Where are the lurkers?  

We’re two weeks in on this venture and I’m starting to think you value your time with your families, jobs, and dinosaur erotica slightly more than you do arguing with me about whether or not Trump’s most recent offensive Tweet was offensive.

Well, there’s none of that here.  There will be no condemnations or mockery.  Step out into the light and bask in the warmth RVS has to offer.  You don’t need any good opinions, snarky comments, or crisp new memes.  You just have to have a song to share.  Is that so hard, you bums?

First, the dedications!  We need to assure the lurker squad that it’s safe to come out, my friends.  Show love.

The top of the list is Judge Dredd pro se (known to some of you as Manwhore).  He is my Brother in Blogging and also the Father of the DJ Thread.  Which I guess makes me the Uncle of the DJ Thread.  I think this represents us well.

Next up is Mr. zoomwsu (formerly zoomzoom), the most capable Boatswain of the good ship RVS.  He is the one who has lovingly crafted and cares for the gorgeous blogging platform you see before you.  Keep us sailing.

My dear sweet pfluffy.  It’s time to make an appearance or there will be no excuses.  Yes, that was utterly predictable, but you must comment to get something new.

Grendel (Harley!).  Truly the heart of this gang of misfits and its virtual community.

kevinmkr (some of us have the good sense to keep our old handles, huh?) is the only one of our group I’ve had the great fortune to meet in person, along with his beautiful wife.  You’re welcome to visit us anytime in the Kansas City area, as I’m certain nobody will mistake you for an Iranian.

Finally, I’m calling out my favorite lurker of all time.  SANTINO!  You cannot hide, but…

Come out, come out where…aw, hell.  I’m not doing that.  It’s corny.


  1. To everybody Welcome back!

    Your zoomswu dedication reminded me of some good old fashioned hair rock (and somewhat apropos to current times).

    Judge Dredd pro se (known to some of you as Manwhore)

    Hah! Good to see you again.

  2. Yes! The Bangles! Believe it or not, they’re one of my young daughter’s favorites for some reason.

    I have “Eternal Flame” on this one playlist I have that I use to wake the kids up in the morning. It’s a whole collection of soft, sappy 70’s and 80’s tracks that I’ve found work great for getting them out of bed in relatively good moods.

    You know, weapons-grade sappy.

  3. To Thrill, Judge Dredd pro se, zoomwsu, Grendel, pfluffy, and Santino……

    I gotta say, I’m glad to be back.

    To mashav, who could arguably be credited with helping this infant blog to cut its bipartisan teeth, I tried to find “Welcome” by Wynton Marsalis (in honor of the fact that we’ll be seeing him on Saturday) but YouTube was no help. So, instead, let me offer my hope that your time spent here is more pleasuredome than terrordome, more paradise than jungle, more revolution than machine.

    Lastly, let me smash a bottle of champagne on the bow and offer RSV my hopes for the smoothest of sailings….

  4. Mother of Drumpf. I’m going to fucking divorce my wife and then immediately plan to remarry her just so I can have you give the toast at the 2nd wedding.

  5. Ha! The one and only time I was a best man in a wedding, my first words of the toast were, “We all know that Nic is a real horse’s ass…….”

  6. I would be completely remiss if I ignored mashav. Thank you for the best discussion I’ve had in a long, long time and for teaching me something new. Whether you stick around with our community for another week or another ten years, I appreciate it. Here is a fitting shout out to you.

  7. With Hall & Oates, no less! I’m leaving for vacation the day that they play Detroit. And Depeche Mode is playing the place that I’m going the night before. One day either way and I would be able to cut my FOMO quotient in half.

  8. Listening to “Get Born Again” now! I always love the old Layne tunes. The new guy is pretty good but no sub for Stayley.

  9. My best friend and I are seeing Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in Asheville on 6/7 and the Atlanta show is 6/11. I may try to take it in. I saw them in 85 and I would love to see them again.

  10. VERY glad to see you, cress. I saw that you had picked up on us early and have been hoping for you to show up in the comments before too much time went by. You’re the first furriner to grace us with your presence and you’re most welcome as you always were at the VO. A rare sentiment from the US these days, I know, I know…

    How about some furrin’ soundin’ music to get the deplorables riled up?

  11. You done been hacked by Russians! Change yer passwerd.

    Well I do have something for you: the most anti-Trumpeteer track I can find. Yes, it is bilingual English/Spanish AND refers to an individual with an unspecific gender identity. All it needs is a mention of a hijab covering bad orange hair and we’d see some Putin-style Pussy Riot musical suppression, amirite?

  12. Speaking of, I imagine Trump himself is sitting at his golf club in Florida right now, listening to this, with zero clue as to what it’s about.

  13. Man, I’m glad to hear that. I never feel like I get the right music selections for you. Don’t know why.

    Now I don’t mean to say I’m awesome, but you people have NO IDEA how much effort I put into keeping track of your tastes and finding what I think are the right tunes. I swear, I use more brain power for the average DJ post than any three others I might post in a week.

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