This isn’t a climate change post but who knows where the comments will take it?  The day is young!

No, this is sort of how I am.  If you know me in person, you know that I tend to be extremely reserved with people when I first meet them and it can take a long time for me to loosen up.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this is true of most of us here, really.

During that awkward “get to know you” period, it’s a fact that 100% of my laughable attempts to carry on a conversation with any human being will inevitably turn into a discussion about the weather within, oh, 45 seconds.  I honestly cannot find anything to discuss with most people, and before you ask, I absolutely will not discuss politics in public with acquaintances.  People are just too deranged these days.

“But Thrill, you have so many wonderful opinions and you share them in such an articulate manner.  I can’t believe that you would be at a loss for words in a conversation,” people in my imagination say to me all the time.

To which I reply, “Yeah, but when people are talking to me, I’m not listening and just worrying about my garden lettuce, which isn’t going to do so well without cooler temperatures and more rain.”

So in that spirit of some of us getting to know each other and me being mildly antisocial, let’s talk about this weather.

Spring is well ahead of schedule across much of the southern United States, in some cases by at least two to three weeks. An early spring may sound nice, but it comes with serious consequences—both to human health and the environment.

The warm temperatures means that early-season disease carriers such as mosquitoes and ticks can start to settle in; consequently, this could herald a bad year for the spread of Zika and Dengue. An early spring can also affect allergy sufferers, who have to deal with a prolonged pollen season.

We were hitting the upper-60’s and 70’s in the last couple of weeks, which is freakish for my Midwestern city in February.

Pluses: None of my seasonal affective disorder (if that’s really a thing), I’ve saved gas money by not warming up the car in the morning, and my kids are staying healthy.

Minuses (aside from the apocalyptic attitude of NOAA): My garden is going to suck this year for lack of precipitation, those damn oak mites are going to come back, and I’m probably going to have to screw with digging out the summer wardrobe a month early.

How is Zeus doing by you?  I swear I’ll be trying to look interested as I read the forecast.

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It was warmer than normal last week, this past week we seemed to get back to winter. I blame the Russians, or Trump, or maybe:

The feature photo is my yard last week, when highs were in the 70s, which is just crazy. You can see the crocuses sprouting and that was still Feb! They’ve moved up the cherry blossom festival as well, because the blooms will come early. It’s cooled off a bit this week, but it seems pretty clear spring is already here. I just hope it’s a long spring and the hot humid mid-Atlantic summer waits to set in.

I, for one am loving it. My contractors are ahead of schedule, and I am able to get more work done out at the farm. walking the dog and wife, is a lot more pleasant at 50 60 degrees than it is at 2 degrees… There are those that claim that this is not proper and is somehow wrong. that persona are the same ones who have never had to work outside in below freezing weather as part of their job, or cut fire wood in snow and cold just to stay war.. ect ect… if they are more bugs,… Read more »

Judge dredd pro se

I’ve actually read warming up your car is a huge myth if your car is fuel injected.


I do it for the heat alone. I hate being cold, even for a few minutes. Mrs Thrill mocks me relentlessly for being such a girl.


NOW you’re speaking my language. If someone I just met starts babbling about politics or kids or anything, I button up. But start talking about some good UFO conspiracy or cryptozoology, I’ll be your best friend in ten minutes.

I spent too many years working nights and listening to Art Bell and Whitely Strieber when I was younger.

i heat mine up, why becasue i want my windshield defrosted and the cab interior air to be above freezing…


We too had a warm spell last week. We hit a couple of records, about 15C twice within a week. It’s been a more mild winter overall this year, we haven’t hit any real sustained low temperatures. It’s back to more seasonal temperatures this week, about -10C with a windchill of -15C. We do usually get teased late February / early March with a warm spell, and then you think, F’n right spring is here! Then you get smacked in the face with the reality and you realize that, oh shit it’s still winter, spring isn’t until March 21!


I’m with Thrill on this one. I’ve lived in the north my entire life, and I. HATE. THE. COLD!!! Give me snow, which usually means it’s more mild. One of the cruel ironies of winter is the sunniest days are the coldest.


Not only do I hate cold, I’m always cold. During the winter, I turn up the thermostat to 72 every day and put on a hoodie. My wife comes home and immediately drops it back to 66. Then over the summer, she has to keep the A/C at 69 while I’m dying of hypothermia.

I think I’m a lizard or something.


Moar original pics!

Judge dredd pro se

I do that same on the A/C. I don’t care if it costs me 500 dollars a month, if it’s 110 outside (it was up here in the mountain last year) it will be cold enough to see your breath in my house.

Update: All those crocuses are now dead. Winter re-asserted itself a bit this week.


We are still going strong on Spring. Even had a tornado warning last night and had to hide in the basement for about half an hour.

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