This week, I have seen fit to engage in some old-fashioned contrition and self-recrimination.

Together, we examined our own rotten behavior toward each others’ preferred sainted politicians early in the week.  Whether we were condescending to our friends who were excited about Obama’s promises of hope and change, regret that we impugned Romney too hard as an example of a divisive and insensitive billionaire, or just don’t appreciate Trump’s charm and wonderful sense of humor; we faced the past as mature adults and have laid the basis for future healing.

I did invite the entire religion of Islam to participate in some expiation as well, but nobody picked up the phone.  Instead, I was left to correct my own typographical errors and thus incurred the need for more self-reproach.

Then there was that Rachel Dolezal post.  Seriously, I hate that post.  It came about as part of a bad process which started bad because I didn’t especially care about her to begin with and it was bad all the way through.  It just looked like “filler”, I guess.  Once I finished the post, I thought, “Oh, God, that’s just weak.”  Nobody look at that post ever again.  It gets even worse in the comments.

I wrote it, like, ten days ago and kept pushing it back because I really didn’t want to publish it.  Zoom will vouch for me on this.  Yes, that weather post was seen as more valuable than that one.  Had I known that we had a more timely post coming from zoom that dealt with the half of the population that’s good at making the other half feel guilty, I wouldn’t have posted it.  It would still be lurking, waiting to pounce on this unsuspecting blog with all of its uninspired mediocrity.  I guess I can be happy we cut that turd loose already.

It’s pure bedlam among the RVS Editorial Board.  For these transgressions, I duly reported myself the RVS Disciplinary Action Committee which is composed of…me…apparently….and directed myself to write this DJ post, which I will hate by the end the day as well, instead of the far more interesting one I had already started.

Oh, and I got some new after-shave yesterday.  I opened the bottle and leaned in to sniff it and of course I managed to touch the bottle with my nose and get some in my nostril.  From then on, I have had the olfactory sensation of what it must be like to snuggle with a septuagenarian cowboy, ceaselessly.  So I think we can all agree I’ve suffered enough.  Now it’s my turn to assume the role of Great Inquisitor and evaluate your individual trespasses.

Seek repentance according to the theme.  Here is what I’m looking for:

  1. Songs or albums that the artists who wrote or performed them hated.  Do provide details when you go with this one.
  2. Guilt!  Remorse!  Ruefulness!  Synonyms for those things!  Songs which speak of paying your dues.
  3. Irredeemables.  Artists who went beyond the standard rock n’ roll decadence.

As you contribute to the thread, songs are added to this embedded playlist.  Punish yourself all day.

Assume the position….for your dedications!

Santino:  You mistakenly thought my Discourses thread was about kids, so you get some of the infamous Gary Glitter as our first in the “Iredeemable” category.

pfluffy: You failed women everywhere by going to work on Wednesday.  I’ll bet you didn’t even wear red.  Whooopash.

westvirginiarebel: You came up with a better thread title on that goddamn Dolezal post and made me look even worse.  I mean, I had over a week to come up with something better.  Therefore, I will stick you with this.  Story: Warrant wanted to title the album “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, but was pressured by the label to change it.  They hated the change and the song.

kevinmkr: You called out the typos that zoom didn’t catch when he added the photo to the post, sending me into a spiral of disappointment and grief this week.  You get the Taser, bro.

mashav: You have demonstrated insufficient modesty in accordance with a bunch of crap I just made up.  Curb your proud and uppity ways.

zoomwsu: You totally neglected to tell me how bad that Dolezal post was when it was in the queue.  Stop me before I do dumb things!  For you, the most depressing song on the playlist.

ilovecress: The fuck you been?  Yours is a two-fer which meets the requirements of 1 & 2. Story: The band hates this album and they couldn’t blame any of it on Trump that time.

Grendel: You…uh….were on the ball this week.  Well done.  Pull up a stool next to my Inquisitor Throne so we can judge the guilty over some beer.

Feel the heavy hand of DJ justice across your buns.  The only truly unforgivable ones are those who did not participate last week.  Want in next week?  Share a song.




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I know the Bee Gees regretted being known as disco artists.

Well, #2 opens the door for this. Be kind to the dearly departed!

A little Crue for #3.


Well, that was something. I literally had just listened to Careless Whisper a few minutes ago. It’s on that sappy morning mix I use to wake the kids up.

Of course, being what day it is, they also got this off-theme house favorite:


Just because they are my band-du-jour, I’m looking for an excuse to post a 21 Pilots song that might fit #2.


They’re a big favorite in the Thrill household too. My daughter Thrilla is all into DC comics now because of this song about irredeemables and its prominent appearance on the soundtrack for a certain movie.

This almost covers all three.

Seems like a lot of artists develop a hate for their best tunes as they sing them over and over. I confess to resorting to sage advice from Google. Apparently, The Deerhunter hated the whole album but lucky for you, I selected a mostly listenable piece. These guys are from Atlanta and some really strange stuff can emerge from this place.

“There’s lots of embarrassing stuff.” says Bradford Cox.

Nice artwork on the album cover too.

Turn it up Faggot


OMG, I almost used that one as a dedication, but chickened out.


“Pull up a stool next to my Inquisitor Throne so we can judge the guilty over some beer.”

I pulled up this song, randomly, about 3 days ago because it popped into my head. Nice pull.


This is the first one that came to mind for #1 for some reason. It’s probably common knowledge among the musical elite on this blog but Tori Amos once fronted an 80s synth band that also featured Matt Sorum, pre-Guns ‘N Roses. To be honest, I’m stretching #1 because because she has never stated that she hates the songs, only that they don’t represent what she’s doing now.


How about this, in that spirit?


Wow. I had no idea.


Okay, I had no idea about that!!

I’m sure Alanis Morisette isn’t too happy about her past too.


You can go back even further for funny things with her. You Can’t Do That on Television was one of my earliest exposures to Canadian humor. Loved it.

I also loved how they called her uh-LAN-iss back then.


I just couldn’t risk incurring any more guilt. My conscience can’t take it.


I didn’t know about this, either….


Thought I forgot about this?


Let’s get that sucker out.

Believe it or not, Billy Joel once tried his hand at hard rock:

More Canadian humor:


Here in MI, you can’t have a playlist without Bob Seger
Regrets? I’ve had a few.
But, insufficient modesty? Wasn’t me! But if it was, I say it’s not a crime.
Oh, fuck it, I admit it!

Gott Damn that was great! Gonna have to find something special …


A week early for this band but…..tell me dear, what did you fear?


Speaking of foreshadowing

Apparently she sells sanctuary.. But why is the rum gone?

Guilt, paying dues… Hank III a lil depressing, but something i i kinda feel a vibe for.

i remember some time back learning that Hetfield didn’t particularly like the song Dont Tread on me. Something about how it was revived by critics or some such Who thought it was a pro war piece. I for one love it…

i love this choice……

ah guilt and remorse… this song has it all… dammm i have spent the lat hour on youtube starting off whit Cherry pie….


This is a killer DJ thread. The RVS Faithful have atoned!

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