I’ve been getting some requests for posts from readers on a variety of topics that they’d like to discuss.  We can only do so many posts in a week, so how about if I set aside an open thread for this each Sunday?

There were definitely some newsworthy events that RVS didn’t talk about.  Either we didn’t have time, didn’t care, or didn’t have anything to add.  But maybe you do!  Here’s your chance to tell us what to do.

Here are some of my clippings:

Sessions, the US Attorneys, and the “You’re Fired” Administration

Germany on the edge…of an axe, a machete, etc

Intruder breaches White House perimeter

Trumpcare to defund Planned Parenthood

Egypt wins the national Antique Road Show Award

An article I recommend reading if you’re interested in Calexit, by Victor Davis Hanson

What’cha got?

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The take on the Rogue One battle is genius. It even makes me respect the Empire more. The part of the movie that made absolutely no tactical sense to me though wasn’t that. It was when they raided the planet where the Imperial scientists were being held. A bunch of X-Wing fighters show up, blow some things up, have a couple of fighters get shot down, and then they just….leave….without killing anyone except really for the ONE GUY they shouldn’t have killed. Sure, it was accidental, but what exactly was the point of that raid? I know it served the… Read more »


There really is nothing the GOP can’t screw up. I have a post coming up this week about this very thing.

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