One of this week’s major news stories (for some stupid reason) was about Trump’s White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer being hassled by a liberal woman while he was minding his own business at the Apple store.

Can I assume you’ve all seen the video?  No?  Here it is then:

The person who posted the YouTube video wanted to emphasize that he/she is NOT the same person who shot the video.  Please be mindful of that if you comment on the video at YouTube.

The woman, Shree Chauhan, is something of a liberal activist.  I don’t know if she was at the Apple store and recognized him or if she’s been stalking him or what.  The point is that she decided to confront him over who he works for and make a big show of it.  Whatever she was trying to do didn’t really amount to much.  He didn’t get rattled, he ignored her, and then he went on his way.

Many of the conservatives I follow online are characterizing what she did as “an attack” or “harassment” and feverishly working to expose every aspect of her life.  She’s in for a hell of a time of it.

Crazy thing though:  I don’t have a problem with what she did.  To be sure, I don’t agree with her sentiments.  Donald Trump isn’t a fascist.  I also think that this was a childish thing to do and, as I mentioned above, it didn’t really accomplish jack or shit.

No, the truth is that I think the powerful in this country find it too easy to insulate themselves from public opinion.  From us.  People like Sean Spicer influence our lives from a very high place.  He, in particular, only gets questioned by the press and under very controlled circumstances at the White House.

I ask the question: shouldn’t he be subject to scrutiny by regular people who he encounters?  People whose lives are affected by the policies of the Administration for which he is basically responsible for defending on absolutely everything it does?   No prominent person should ever be subject to threats or violence, but isn’t it fair to question them?  To speak “truth to power” when we come face to face with it?

I say yes.

Keep in mind that I live in flyover country.  Some of you on here live in DC or LA or NYC.  You don’t think anything of encountering famous people, but it’s very rare for me.

If I were to bump into, say, Lena Dunham at the massage parlor, I’d love the opportunity to politely tell her that I think she’s a sick, twisted creature who should be institutionalized before she stabs someone and starts writing haiku on the walls in her own shit.

I’d also like to tell JK Rowling that I like Harry Potter, but her SJW bullshit is tiresome and she isn’t a fucking genius for predicting that Scotland would want to vote on secession from the UK again after #Brexit.  I’m a trucker boot-wearing bacon-and-egger of an American midwesterner who’s only two generations removed from Ozark hillbillies and I guessed that the day it happened too.  Whoopty-hell.

Would I post any of it on YouTube?  No.  I’m not an attention-whore.  Well…okay….I get my attention-whoring needs met by this blog.  But I still think that the people who think they’re “above” us in one sense or another should know that we reserve the right to bring it directly to their attention when we think they’re dicks.

Chauhan was annoying, but did she cross the line?  I don’t think so.  I will add that if she had done this when he had his family with him or any kids, I’d definitely be condemning her.  That’s where the line would be for me.

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Judge dredd, pro se

I would say the man should be allowed his free time, like anyone else. In this instance I’d say I hope there’s more of this, provided it’s non-violent. I hope it also starts to come from more centrist people with less vitriol and more of a point. I think the town hall raids are spectacular. I’m a big fan of a government option of healthcare and it doesn’t bother me at all it’s funded by a tax on the wealthy. I really get tired of sympathy for the rich guy, the poor beleaguered rich guy who just faces constant tax… Read more »

It’s gotten to the point where it can be dangerous to be a conservative public figure. The good news is, conxervatives believe in self-defense.

Also RIP Chuck Berry, dead at 90.

While i do think that those in Government, to some extent, give up the right of privacy, as a public figure, that is in service to the Citizens. Spastic crap like that is not the way to hold them accountable.


This is different than the Hamilton/Pence deal from a couple of months ago. But, at the root, isn’t the concept the same as what you’re suggesting here? How did you feel about that event and how do you contrast it with this one?


It’s….similar, I guess. As I said, I don’t like anyone doing that sort of thing in the presence of the person’s family, which the cast of Hamilton did. Also, I hate it when performers decide to harangue the audience with political statements. If it isn’t called “Veddering”, it should be. However, they were respectful about the whole thing. Their statement was decent and just basically was, “We’re worried your administration won’t be good for us and we hope you will try to be good.” All things considered, I thought what they did was unprofessional, at worst. Anyway, Pence is getting… Read more »

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