Here’s an open thread for discussion or for you to share some things we missed.  I have a few things:

4chan triumphs at the greatest game of capture the flag in history.

Ten charts that don’t suck

My favorite YouTube channel with two movie reviews.

Profiles in error and heroism: The El Faro

Black people are scary + 1 in 5 cops are really pissed off = Dead scary black people

Ghostbusters (2016) sucked and helped destroy Sony’s film division

What do you have?


  1. the Whole shia labeouf vs. 4Chan was fucking hilarious, im not a fan of either one, but hell. it was pretty impressive in how they managed to find the location of the flag via the few inadvertent hints Shia left… LOL

    If there ever is another high profile missing persons case, maybe the Troll at 4chan should be challenged to help out?

  2. as far as teh Officer anger one… id love to see that broken down further. Lets see how angry they are by location
    Inner city, metro, suburb small city’ small town’ rural…

    I can understand why many are angry at the system, at the people they are sworn to protect, but that is not a excuse for them flipping out and going all Stasi on anyone that jerks their chain.
    We cant go one week, with out multiple stories about police abuse of power or just out right corruption. Even as officially crime is down, it seems that the difficultly level for officers is way up.
    I don’t know why, but one contributing factor is that the standards for a police officer have been driven down over the years to be more inclusive and to fill slots….

  3. Sorry to see Berry go. Somebody had just posted one of his songs on the DJ thread on Friday too. He still gets love.

  4. 1177 BC…I actually have that book on my Kindle Fire. Great read and a fascinating study into what happens when a global economy fails.

  5. I’d say some of those charts, or at least their explanations, were pretty dang slanted. “Wants to cut services to the poor” is somehow related to improving the plight of the families living in poverty. I’d say cutting social services may hurt them short term but keeping them or even raising them doesn’t get them out of poverty. Getting them a better education in a better job market will get them out of poverty. So, even though the graph is about the numbers of families in poverty (or people), how they describe what he is doing to “harm” them has nothing to do with getting them out of poverty. We could abolish the chart all together with a better calculation of what poverty is as well. For instance, someone with food, heating/cooling, running water, basic cable and shelter is not in poverty unless you grade the USA on a curve.

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