Predictably, FBI Director Comey’s Congressional testimony served only to further confuse the issues swirling around what is happening with the possible Russian influence on the 2016 presidential election.  Maybe this was intentional.  After all, Comey’s last minute reopening of the Clinton email investigation at the end of last October probably did more to influence the election outcome than anything Wikileaks released.  That had nothing to do with Russia, as you know.

However, Comey is back to being a “good guy” as far as Democrats are concerned.  This is subject to change without notice when he pops up in a few months and says, “We’re done with the investigation and found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.”

I have not yet made it through much of the testimony.  So far, I’ve only watched all of Rep. Gowdy’s questioning.   Gowdy was most interested in examining the details of the leaks about the FBI’s investigation rather than what Russia did or didn’t do.

It was fun to watch them both dance around and attempt to avoid confirming any of the classified information that was released during the intelligence community’s leaks.  Should there be any question about this?  Everything we know about why Flynn stepped down is related to evidence from intercepted phone calls that were leaked to the press, isn’t it?

My first unanswered question is that if someone was wiretapped, who was it?  Was the Russian ambassador wiretapped?  Was Flynn?  Or did the Obama Administration (DOJ or NSA) have a wiretap on a phone in Trump Tower that Flynn happened to have called the Russian ambassador from?

For the record, when Comey denies that Obama ordered the wiretap, I believe him.  But there clearly was a wiretap, if not against Trump or one of his associates, there definitely was against someone one of them was in contact with.  My second unanswered question (and maybe it’s buried somewhere in the 5 hours of testimony and I haven’t dug it up yet) is: who was conducting this wiretap that picked up on what Flynn was doing, who ordered it, and why?   Okay, three questions.

I’m with Gowdy on ensuring that the leakers are identified and prosecuted.  Even if I were to concede that the Russian government tried to influence the election, I think the impact was negligible.  The impact that the intelligence leakers have had since the election is clearer, and I’d like to see their motives exposed.

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