Thrill, needing some rest from his gallant efforts to entertain and inform us here, has given me this opportunity to…well, give you a opportunity.

Given that it is a Sunday, a day of rest and reflection, it is also a day for us to post what we have found out there, on the wild wild web, and talk about it.  This is our tradition!

So, sit down have a nice cup of tea, coffee, OJ, or hair of the dog, and share what you have found out there, and tell us why it caught your attention.

For my part…

It was not that long ago that cancer was called the plague of the modern era. Once researchers got their hands on some remains from Egypt, Sudan and South Africa, and were surprised to find that some of them had the DNA markers for evidence of Cancer.

New research has uncovered that Cancer has pretty much always been with us. Due to its very nature, replicating errors.  This kinda buttresses my personal theory that Cancer is part and parcel to evolutionary development.  As an error generation process in the replication of DNA, it gives a greater chance for new mutations to arise, be passed on, and hopefully prove to be beneficial to life. Alas it is a crap-shoot ,but what in life isn’t?

Drill, baby drill. Palin caught a lot of flack for that line. Pointed commentary, form scientists , politicians, and our learned betters, told us that there is no way we could produce the oil we need for our ever-growing needs.  We should not even try, they said.

Once again the naysayers, are wrong.  Production in the US is way up and meeting demand for the foreseeable future. Prices per barrel are way down form the highs we had in 2012, when this debate was in full swing.

And that expensive new extraction technology, which wasn’t profitable at low prices, suddenly became profitable in 2012. New wells were drilled, new infrastructure was built, production expanded.  With this, new tools and techniques were developed that improved production and  lowered the over all cost of operations.

In the fullness of time, and development cycle, the oil companies now can produce crude at a rate and price that would have been prohibitive in 2012.

This is kind of amusing. They are self deporting north!

It seems being a critic of Putin can be hazardous. This has become rather common, has it not?

Norths are planning for a new Nuke test. Oh joy, another legacy of the Clinton years is gonna bite us on the ass someday.  However, what can be done? Not much really, unless you want a war.

But Trump is in office now, and instead of a “sternly worded letter” via Han Blix.  We will have a Tweet exchange between Trump and Lil Kim.

Well, that is it for now, but please share your thoughts and links.

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