The Tyrant of Istanbul, President Erdogan, seems to be ready to give up on full EU membership for Turkey.  The people will have to decide in a future referendum.

Frankly, I think they should give it up.  Europe isn’t much inclined to ever accept Turkey, mostly on account of its excessive international and domestic dickery.  It’s gone from being the Sick Man of Europe to the Dickish Neighbor of Europe Who Beats His Wife and Kids and Lets His Dogs Shit on Your Yard (Editor note: make this more pithy before you publish the post.  Asshole.).

There’s another angle too.  I’m reminded of Samuel Huntington and his book Clash of Civilizations.  In it, he describes how Turkey, an important and former “Core State” within Islamic civilization had become a “torn country”.  A torn country is one which tries to transition its affiliation from one civilization to join another one.  In this case, Turkey has spent the last 90 or so years trying to join Western civilization.  It never works for any country that tries.

It’s a good book.   You should read it if you haven’t.  Huntington had some good insights about Ukraine and Russia that have played out as he predicted too.

It is becoming obvious to everyone that Turkey is embracing its Islamic identity again and looking to the south and the east for its future.  Turkey’s destiny, I believe, is a rivalry with Iran to determine who will dominate the Middle East over the next century as one or the other of them tries to become Islamic civilization’s new Core State and hold sway over the region.  It’s already playing out in Syria.

If its people mercifully decide to end their country’s attempt to join the EU, I’ll take it as confirmation that Turkey is a torn country no longer.  Sooner or later, they’re going to learn that they’ll have to stay true to themselves.  I think they’re getting there, for better or worse.

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