The last few years, well decades, have not been kind to Venezuela. It’s a nation lush with resources but saddled with a centralized economic system and led by would-be dictators.  A history of coups and unrest does not help matters at all.

When Hugo Chávez won the presidency in 1998, just 6 years after leading a attempted coup, fortune favored him. Oil, which consisted over  50% of the nation GDP, soared in price and the economic future of Venezuela grew rapidly. Riding a wave of socialist populism,which had catapulted him into office, Chavez rapidly nationalized the oil industry.  He forced out foreign management, sparking unrest within the oil industry. Further popular economic reforms included infrastructure programs, poverty programs, and currency controls.

Sticking to the OPEC production quotas, not keeping up with the maintenance of the oil industry, the growing inflation, a dash..ok, ok…a shovelful of corruption, and a bucketful of spending and we see that Venezuela started on a dark deep path to destruction.

Chavez shrugged off the mortal coil in 2013 and passed his powers on to Nicolás Maduro, who continued down this path of bigger and bigger government socialism.  Maduro continued confiscating more and more properties, seizing businesses, and printing more and more money. Business fled, money fled and in time inflation got way out of hand.  The oil industry, neglected for years, was faltering.  And then the bottom fell out of the oil prices.

The basic systems of Venezuela are breaking down. The inflation rate is spiking at over 800%. Food is getting scarce and people are fleeing the nation in droves, and just not the rich or middle class. Crime and corruption are growing massively, making things ever worse.

Maduro’s responded with seizing more power, as the nation falls into a death spiral.


Nidal Hasan, the traitorous murder of 13 soldiers, is declaring a hunger strike. I am here wondering why he isn’t  dead.


A penis seat…………..uhmm, ok…I bet that is popular.


Space X,  this is some serious Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon shit right here.


Given the perilous times men live in, this makes sense. I mean, imagine if  a right wing republican got on an elevator with a woman and then later she claimed he sexually harassed her?  Or what if he had dinner alone with a woman and made a lewd remark, or she just claimed he did?  It wouldn’t go well for him because everyone knows that religious right wing are just evil, evil slobbering and sexist monsters.


Just last week I witnessed so many on the Left describe the ban on electronic devices on certain flights out of the Mideast as more evidence of Trump’s paranoia and vileness. Then this gets revealed.

What have you got?


  1. it seems the DHS doesnt trust the screensers of those airlines and possibly their employees.

  2. The airlines do not screen luggage. The airports do.
    At least one of the airports on the list, Abu Dhabi, has US TSA on site, screening the same way they do in the States.
    On a separate note, what’s the benefit of having the laptop explode in the luggage hold rather than the cabin?

  3. Good question. I wonder if the big concern is that the explosive will only be strong enough to depressurize the cabin rather than blow up the whole plane.

  4. Airliners are pretty tough, we already had a few incidents of explosives in the cabin only punching holes inthe Fuselage. It seems they might be wanting just that , depressurization , the are hoping would be enough to disrupt teh flight crew and cause enough damage to generate a crash.
    given the size of a tablet and laptop, they do not have much mass/volume to work with.

  5. Because the Brits are also pissed about the state owned carriers. But, at least, they are consistent and their ban affects BA, not just the others.
    I never once mentioned Trump. The US carriers have been whining since way before he came to power.

  6. There are more than a few incidents of batteries catching fire, no terrorists needed. Did you read the article I posted?

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