Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) has written an editorial for HuffPo in which he questions the Trump Administration’s current mission and strategy in Syria.

This deployment poses a significant, potentially catastrophic risk for the United States and the future of Syria and the Middle East. Congress cannot be silent on this matter. I have long been against putting U.S. troops on the ground in Syria — I opposed the idea during the Obama administration and I oppose it now, because I believe we are destined to repeat the mistakes of the Iraq War if we try to force political stability simply through the barrel of a gun.

With 500 Special Forces troops placed on the ground in that country to help “liberate” Raqqa from the Islamic State, it isn’t clear at all what they’re intended to achieve in the long-term.   Yes, we want IS to be defeated, but that’s going to happen regardless of whether or not we commit 500 or 500,000 troops to fight them.  They’re doomed, as I’ve pointed out before.

As Senator Murphy correctly foretells, the real fun begins when IS is gone.  That is when the Saudis, Syrians, Elves, Russians, Kurds, Romulans, Turks, Bull Dykes, Train Robbers, Bank Robbers, Ass-Kickers, Shit-Kickers aaaaaaaaaaaaand Methodists all start jostling to determine who will control the territory IS had ruled.  What is our stake in that outcome?  Who do we support? I have no idea and neither do you.  It hasn’t been explained to us or even to Congress.

It could be that we’re supposed to help one side take Raqqa and then help them hold it.  Or maybe we’ll work to establish some sort of international coalition to maintain a safe zone *cough*occupation*cough*.  Perhaps we’ll just leave and wish them all the best of luck.

Like Senator Murphy, I’m opposed to military interventions without Congressional approval.  Maybe it’s just a formality, but it at least obligates a president to make the public case for going to war or intervening or nation-building or what-have-you.  As far as I’m concerned, our use of combat troops in Syria is illegal.  I also think it was illegal in Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and everywhere else it has been done without regard for the Constitution or international law.

Indeed, the only other nation that has any legal right to be involved in the Syrian Civil War is freaking Russia.  That’s the only one invited in by the ruling government (as odious as it is).  Let that sink in, guys.  Russia is behaving more lawfully in a regional conflict than the United States of America is.

I’ll say it clearly: I don’t think the Trump Administration should be doing this.  IS is dead meat and bound to lose its Insane War on Everything with or without our involvement.  There isn’t any need for us to get involved any deeper in the Syrian Civil War.

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