In the interest of balance, I guess, I’ll also throw out a quick post on Erik Prince’s alleged meeting with Russian officials in the Seychelles as a companion post to my earlier one on Susan Rice.

The first thing I’ll do is try to establish the facts.  Everybody seems to agree that Prince was in the Seychelles a couple of weeks before Trump’s Inauguration.  And that’s about it.  Everything else is in dispute.

“An Unconfirmed Source” (we hear a lot from that guy these days) say that Prince was there as an unofficial representative of the Trump Administration to conduct back-channel talks with the Russians over Iran policy.

“Other Unconfirmed Source” also says that Prince was an unofficial representative but apparently was holding a meeting with UAE representatives to discuss Middle East policy and that it had nothing to do with Russia.

Prince says that he was there surfing or something.  He totally denies being there at Trump’s behest and so does some other guy called “Senior Trump Administration Official”.

What does it all add up to?  Nothing, really.  Some are speculating that this whole story is just now coming up to distract from the Rice revelation.  I have no idea.

Let’s say it’s true that Prince was meeting with the Russians in secret right before the Inauguration.  That means that…uh…ummm, uh….what the hell does it mean?  Is this another one of those Logan Act non-issues?  Fine, whatever.

My own suspicion is that the second unconfirmed source is probably right.  I’m not sure what unique qualifications Prince would have to discuss anything with the Russians, but he absolutely does have useful connections in the Middle East.  I can see him being useful in that role.  Even if the first unconfirmed source is right, I still can’t find the problem.  I’m in favor of getting Russia to stop supporting Iran and removing sanctions against Russia.  If we need back-channel communications to get the ball rolling because of the noise over Russiagate, so be it.

Somebody’s going to have to walk me through this one to explain what the problem is.  It seems like the Left is getting more and more desperate to find something that sticks if we’re now supposed to be getting outraged about the Trump Administration trying to do things that benefit our national interests.

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That quite a stretch… and if true it seems the UAE was teh player in this, and Prince just happens to be a supporter of trump and a has along term association with the UAE. and then more unnamed officials .. but somehow to the Wapo, Prince is a official somehow with the Trump admin. Gods i hope the WaPo doesn’t find outa bout the Russians i know and my relationship with Iranian dissidents. well i didnt give money to trump so i should be ok, and not linked to trump outs my support of him. but withte WaPo, who… Read more »

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