This week’s theme, as mentioned last week, is covers.  A couple of you inserted some into the thread and I asked you to hold off only because as luck would have it, this had already been selected.  Thanks for your patience.

“All music is derivative” as someone commented on last week’s thread.  Artists perform new versions of songs all the time, whether as loving tributes or attempts to introduce them to new generations or just to make a buck.   If I name just about any song that has been covered by someone else, you’ll find a split among fans who either stay true to the original or think that the cover band perfected it.

I’ll admit that there are covers I like better just because I grew up with them or I already liked the covering artist and wasn’t very familiar with the original.  There are also several covers I hate because they’re not those things I just mentioned.

Some songs are just shitty no matter who performs them.  For example, yesterday, we saw the Senate GOP perform their cover of Senator Harry Reid’s classic 2013 hit “Take This Filibuster and Shove It”.  I can’t say I’m a fan of either version and I’ll probably hate the next one.  So it goes.

So let’s do this.  Here are the categories:

  1. “I’m just a copy of a copy of a copy.” – Safe reproductions of songs that take little risks or sound very different from the originals.
  2. “All your bass are belong to us.” – Much more difficult.  Improvements over the original versions of famous songs.  2. (b) For extra credit, I’m looking for covers that are so much better known than the originals, that the latter have been forgotten.
  3. “Break me off a piece…” – Samples of popular songs.  Most commonly used in rap, but there are exceptions.
  4. “Blurred Lines.” – It’s so similar in sound as to be a ripoff but isn’t identified as either a cover or a sample.  Let the lawsuits commence.
  5. “Hold my beer” – There are some YouTube performers out there with some capable covers.  Give them some traffic.

To participate, just add a song according to the theme.   Everything gets added to the YouTube playlist as the day goes on, as long as it’s on topic.

This week’s dedications!

mashav: We’ve pretty much exhausted Shatner’s “Common People” cover, I’m afraid.  Here’s something else.  This surpasses the original, in my opinion. She makes it her own. That poor fucking teddy bear though…

Grendel: Another cover that beats the original.  The song benefited from getting a bit more noisy.

pfluffy: Normally, I hate playing live versions, but that’s all there is for this one and I think it’s worth it.  This is basically a straight and safe cover, but the way she changes pitch at 2:51 to 3:04….oh, my Lord.  Even Cornell didn’t do that.  Great voice, even if I think the band sucks overall.

santino: Another live cover, but exceptionally done.  It’s “safe” but one of those rare cases in which the cover was good AND it made me appreciate the original even more.  Somehow, I just got it after hearing this.  Do you know what I mean?

dakrat: I can’t lie.  Generally, I don’t like the Foo Fighters.  I’ve really tried, but it just hasn’t worked out.  Nevertheless, this cover is–improbably–superior to that of the legendary original artist.

Zurvan: This song is best known for the cover by The Animals, but it’s much older.  Even this is a cover, many, many years removed from the original.  Truth is that when you read the song’s lyrics, it makes more sense when it’s from a woman’s perspective.

kevinmkr: Okay, this one is special.  It’s from #5, but I think this woman is brilliant and I could watch her uploads all day.  This particular cover almost makes me tear up.   Be sure to check out all of her videos.  Some of her covers are beyond insane.

westvirginiarebel: You have to love this one.  It catapulted one group to mainstream fame and revived the career of the other one.  I’m not even sure how to categorize it, but the video is fantastic.

Last thing.  I’m going to get “Hurt” out of the way now.  I’m sure three or four of you were ready to pounce on it, but I’m thwarting you.  Besides, you need to be challenged and this one’s too easy.  It’s the capstone on a week of dickish acts of mine.

Why am I playing the original NIN version?  Because I shit you not, there are a lot people these days who think the Johnny Cash version is the original.  It’s become a #2 (b).

Can you believe that?  You done got old.  Deal.

Would you like a dedication of your own next week?  It’s easy.  Just comment with a YouTube link to a song on theme this week.


  1. Long time lurker, first time commenter. Music covers are a particular passion of mine. One of my favorites is Killswitch Engage’s cover of Dio’s “Holy Diver.” The video is silly as all get-out, but I always liked KSE precisely because they didn’t hew to the dark and brooding stereotype of heavy metal bands.

  2. Good choice on Staind!!

    For #2, and not surprisingly are from my favouritest band.

    Feeling Good
    Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You

    As an aside, I really think Muse could do a kick ass cover of Party In the USA. This song just screams, heavy guitar cover!

    A little Girl Talk for #3. I dare you to sit still while listening to it.

    For #5, a favourite with me and my daughter, 10 second songs

    Another #2, Guns N’ Roses

    I’m going to go rogue and call this 2 c), where the original is better than the cover.

  3. While I enjoy watching the back and forth here, I don’t really have the time or attention span to throw my hat in the ring for politics. Music, I can do 😀

    I’ve never cared much for the Deftones. I can’t really pin it down, since some of their singles are really good but when I venture into their albums they just lose me along the way.

    I’ll match your CCR cover with The Children of Bodom covering “Lookin’ Out My Back Door.”

  4. Good one! Which reminds me. You can almost sing Big Bang Baby, word-for-word to this tune.

    Can’t believe I totally forgot about Faith. Maybe spootyjim likes it?

  5. Oh wow. I made it 14 seconds in and determined that it’s clearly Big Bang Baby. Somebody resurrect Scott Weiland and get his lawyer on the phone.

  6. I Loved Ronnie James Dio…. His passing was a huge loss to the world of metal.
    Other musicians got together and did a tribute album.
    Jack black did a cover of Last In Line, one of my favorite tunes..

  7. Yes, Godsmack! I have their debut album somewhere in the dark recesses of my iPod. That was a Columbia House purchase.

  8. This cover got me into Guided By Voices.

    Why the Beatles never sued for this, I’ll never know.

    Even though The La’s version is a 98 on my scale, this version is a 100. I’m a sucker for Leigh Nash’s voice.

    Here are two #2’s:

    Mad World

    And one for you, Thrill, and your NiN theme — Dead Souls

    I have 3 dozen more but since I’m 3 days late (was at the Tigers Opening Day game on Friday) I’ll probably save them.

  9. I know you’re not a sports fan, in general, but did you catch any of the commercials that AT&T was shoving down our throats during March Madness? There was something cool about Dan Band ten years ago that doesn’t seem to translate now that he’s in his late 40s. Instead of being humorously faux sexy, it ended up feeling awkward and creepy.

  10. No, I don’t watch tv. I hope you don’t find me awkward and creepy when I hit my late 40’s!

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