With the Syria strike and the Gorsuch confirmation, there was no shortage of news to follow.  Here are some of the things we didn’t get to but found interesting.

Is RedLetterMedia behind all of these celebrity deaths?

The Carl Vinson aircraft carrier group changes course from a scheduled port-of-call in Australia, steams toward the Korean Peninsula.  Hoo boy.

Russian media emphasizes that the Syria strike did little actual damage.

Speaking of Russian propaganda, guess what former Breitbart reporter Lee Stranahan is up to these days?

Changing the topic away from Russian propaganda (really!), did you hear that Seth Rich was the source of the DNC emails, not Russian hackers?  The Russian hackers told someone this, apparently.

The Cook Political Report Partisan Voter Index is out with some observations on the death of swing districts in the House of Representatives.  As of now, the odds of the GOP retaining the House are good.

In 2017, there are eight “Dead Center” districts with a PVI score of EVEN, including four held by Democrats and four held by Republicans. In 1997, there were 18 districts with a score of EVEN. However, it’s important to remember that even if Democrats were to win all 25 of the most evenly split districts, they would still fall short of winning the House majority because the median House seat has a score of R+3.

Behind Baltimore’s post-Freddie Gray homicide spike.

I’m always looking for new posting material.  What do you have?


  1. 4,3 million, for a small patch of ground mounted solar panels that did not work no where near as advertised.

    Robo jox…for real!…

    Now this , i agree with the Senator, but not for the reasons he cites, which are stupid. The Trump kids, are financially well off enough to afford their own top notch security, without have to use up the resources of the SS, at most they should only have a liaison, to coordinate, with the Presidential team when needed or pass along relevant information.
    the Idea that of business leaders find the presence of the Secret Service intimidation is just silly. They have security around them daily. Unless Trump Jr is using them as bully boys, which i doubt, i cant see why they would be intimidated.

    The Kendel Jenner pepsi ad… dear god what a piece of sapppy we are part of your generation typecrap is this….

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