I’m kidding with the title.  A bit.

Spicer said during a White House briefing Tuesday that Adolf Hitler “didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons.” That drew instant rebuke from Jewish groups and critics who noted it ignored Hitler’s use of gas chambers to exterminate Jews during the Holocaust.

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What should be emphasized is that comparing Assad to Hitler isn’t a problem.  Everybody we try to go to war with gets compared to Hitler at one time or another.  And yes, Americans do have a tendency to compare the other party’s presidential candidates to Hitler (and I’d argue Democrats are much more obnoxious about it).  If we don’t like you, we call you Hitler. That’s the way it works.

Where the problem comes in is that you’re not supposed to hold anyone up to Hitler and try to make Hitler look decent by comparison.

For example, imagine the uproar if my son wasn’t eating his dinner and I said, “You’re not being a good boy.  Even Hitler ate all his vegetables.”  In historical context, this is basically true since Hitler was a vegetarian but you still can’t say that somebody is worse is Hitler.*

Spicer wasn’t entirely wrong, but he wasn’t right either.  It’s always been my understanding that the main reason Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons on the battlefield was because he got seriously jacked up by a mustard gas attack on the Western Front in WWI.  I think him being respectful of international agreements on this one thing had more to do with it being the only thing he could feel any empathy about (and actually makes his use of gas in the Holocaust seem even worse and crueller).

Also, what’s with the “Holocaust center” euphemism?  The term is “death camp”.  That’s on par with “re-accommodated” as an inappropriately over-cautious description of something bad.

But did Hitler use poisonous gas to eliminate people he considered problematic?  Hell, yes he did.  You could give props to Assad for at least not bothering to put people in concentration camps before gassing them, I suppose, if that wasn’t at cross-purposes of trying to justify military action against him.

I’d like to think that the blowback over this comment might eventually lead to the elimination of Hitler comparisons as an argument to oppose someone.  It’s too easy to invoke that name and get a reaction.  What would we call that, Peak Hitler?  I think we’re there.  It’s time to quit.

*Truthfully, the closest I’ve ever come to comparing my son to a dictator was when he was taking too long to eat and I told him, “You’re Stalin and you need to be Putin food in your mouth!”

I’m proud of that one.  It was worth the eye roll from Mrs Thrill.

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Spicey should have stopped with “I was wrong.” When you’re in a hole, don’t make it any deeper.

Meanwhile, the dark side of chocolate cake?

And then there’s the time Ben Carson got stuck in an elevator:

It’s that type of an Administration.

Hitler liked dogs…. and painted… so there!

how many times has Trump been called Hitler by the very same ones that are crying now>? … so sad so sad..

I would love it, if they stared to use Mao or Stain, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, or Bokassa… ect…. we need some variety!

I think you’re missing what the story is here…. no one is complaining that Spicer compared someone to Hitler. The story is that the White House Press Secretary – the guy who is meant to articulate clearly for the administration – is clearly out of his depth. Not only did he say something really inadvisable, but he got the facts wrong, his correction had to be corrected, and he kept pronouncing Assads name wrong. The more extreme reactions are about holocaust denial (not Hitler) – and a section of Trumps supporters are pretty vocal about their less than enthusiastic support… Read more »


See, what you’re calling “the story”, I’m calling “the objective”. This overblown reaction is just an effort by Democrats to collect another scalp.


Personally, I’d be fine if they collected this scalp. The guy’s an idiot. As combative and biased as the media group that he faces every day is, you need someone as smart as can be in that spot who can think on their feet. Think of the guys Obama had. They could lie straight to the faces of the media, and almost make me believe what they were saying.


Oh I don’t deny that at all. I just think Trump could use someone a hell of a lot smarter, and quicker.


The part that’s scaring me is actually in the apology: “he (Hitler) was not using the gas on his own people the same way that Assad is doing.”
This lines up with the usual narrative that Jews (and gays, and gypsies, etc.) were not “real Germans.”
There are always “our own people” and the others.
Spicer didn’t forget about the Holocaust or the gas, he just slipped up and articulated the thing you are not supposed to say out loud.


Matched only by the Republican commitment to defend or ignore the most inexcusable idiocy, nepotism, conflicts of interest, incompetence in the name of keeping the count down. 😉


Matched only by the Republican commitment to defend or ignore the most inexcusable idiocy, nepotism, conflicts of interest, incompetence in the name of keeping the count down.

You act like the Democrats don’t do the exact same thing…


Name me some Democratic parallels for the level of incompetence and nepotism, etc. In this administration.


Name me some Democratic parallels for the level of incompetence Even a year and a half into Obama’s first term, Senate Democrats were openly calling him incompetent. Can I introduce you to the only Attorney General to be held in contempt of Congress? The vote wasn’t even close to party lines, so you can’t cry it was all a partisan witch hunt. Fast & Furious, the IRS targeting conservatives, spying on journalists, Obamacare waivers and exemptions to hide/postpone the true costs until after the 2012 election, Benghazi, NSA spying on Americans, Clinton’s emails, Bowe Bergdahl, VA Deathlists, Solyndra, the Iran… Read more »


What about Hillary’s role in the Bill Clinton White House? That has to qualify.

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