It’s my informed opinion that the new Star Wars Trailer is underwhelming.  I’m sure you’ve already seen it, but here it is for reference:

But me saying that isn’t a bad thing!  I was very excited by Rogue One‘s trailer and ended up not liking the movie very much.  It may have been the greatest act of false advertising in history.

It really is impossible to judge a movie by its trailer sometimes and I’m sure this is one of those times.  However, we can say affirmatively that there are definitely echoes of Empire Strikes Back.  You know; Jedi Master in hiding, apprentice getting training, Walkers vs Speeders, “dark”, etc.  Additionally, it looks like there are quite a few flashbacks that will fill in the story between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

I’m good with the flashbacks, but the ESB callbacks make me nervous.  I was very forgiving of TFA for being so similar to A New Hope, because it was my sense that the prequels had so damaged the franchise that such a soft reboot in its fashion was necessary.  But if Star Wars is to survive and thrive, the movies have to start following their own original story-lines instead of feeding us leftovers every couple of years.

I don’t have much to offer by way of speculation.  Here’s what I’d like to see in The Last Jedi though:

  • An explanation for what the hell the difference is between the Empire and the First Order vs the Republic and the Resistance.  No, I will not read any of the books.  All I care about is the movies.
  • Kylo Ren’s inner conflict getting worse even as he becomes more powerful.  I actually like his character.  There’s something about a villain being such a basket case that makes it more believable to me.  His story can only get more interesting.
  • Maybe Rey could be less perfect.  Like 33% less perfect.  Maybe we could have one task come up in the movie that she hasn’t already mastered somewhere in her as-yet-unseen backstory?  Perhaps the shitter could get clogged on the Millennium Falcon and she reveals that she’s actually not an expert plumber and has to ask Chewie to handle it, or something.
  • More Finn.  I find his character to be the most interesting and endearing.  By far my favorite.  His story is the least predictable to me and I want to see where it goes.  I’ll be pissed if he spends the entire movie in a coma.
  • Kill off Poe.  The actor is great, the character is cool, yeah.  But he’s unnecessary.  Give him a good, heroic death in a blaze of glory, I say.

What about you?  Any impressions, speculations, wishes, or complaints about the trailer or death threats for me not liking Rogue One?


  1. What will happen to the Jedi? Why does Luke feel the way he does? I always thought they were a bit too aloof and above it all. I doubt they would be missed if Luke replaced them.

    Princess Leia will apparently not be in this one after all.

  2. I think we all saw Rey as the most powerful Jedi ever coming. I knew she was going to have some connection to Luke the minute I saw her power up the millennium falcon. They couldn’t have broadcast this movie more in the last one if they’d have just thrown the trailer in.

    My main problem with this series is I’m starting to feel like I’m watching episodes 4-6 again. The last movie the falcon scene kinda reminded me of Luke’s first experiences in the falcon. Han dying in the Death Star 2.0 too reminiscent of the end of empire strikes back. The scene where Rey and Kylo ren fight reminded me also of when Luke and Vader sensed each other’s power in their first battles.

    I hope they find a new direction with this storyline because the space hillbilly version of the Hatfields and the mccoys is not going to make for a great extension of stories. I was hoping that at least they’d face a new challenge or enemy in the new series, like general grievous type character. I thought grievous was the best thing to happen to the plots of episode 2 and 3. I only watch 2 and 3 for his character.

  3. the trailer is ok.. the ragtag attackers racing in the desert towards the walkers reminded me of ESB, on Hoth, and also the scene of that classic chessy action movie Megaforce.

    Overall it didnt show much but it does seem that Kylo will have a new outfit. notice teh smashed mask.

  4. The “Suicide Squad” comparison is dead-on. This current theme in movies of “Dark and Gritty with Shit for Character Development” really is the pits.

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