NASA’s Cassini probe in orbit of Saturn, did a low level flyby of the tiny moon Enceladus, with the intention of flying through a geyser of water, jetting from the surface of that icy moon. The results of the flyby show that elemental hydrogen and carbon dioxide are in significant quantities of the water plumes. This leads  experts to believe that  more than just tidal forces are at work below the surface of that ice crust. The possibly volcanic vents and organic reactions, are the source of the results  are very high, in short, all the  necessary factors for life to flourish.

This adds to the number of bodies outside Earth that might have all the necessary components for life. Mars, Jupiter, Europa and Titan are leading contenders for life.

Goldman-Sachs, the  gigantic evil evil mega monster bank, has come out in support of the economic feasibility  of mining  nearby asteroids for their metal wealth. With the recent success of Space X and Blue Origin launch programs the concept of mining  nearby  rocks has left form a quaint Sci-fi trope to  a real possibility.

While the reality of the engineering  and practical extraction of the ore  is daunting, the massive rewards of  very high purity metals combined with  the staggering quantity would make it profitable..

So, will they name it True blood?……..

The popular conversions that people have been having, in the last few days, have been about the US military operations In Afghanistan, Syria and potential action in North Korea.  Which is not really a new thing for our nation. over at the Angry Staff Officer blog, the author has a list and description of 7 actions you might not have known about. I admit i did not know a few of these, Vera Cruz and the Korea spat, I knew a bit about. Give it a read, its well worth your time.

Ok, kiddy time.  Do any of you remember, well are old enough to remember the old spirograph’s? I do, and was pleasantly surprised to find a online version.

Louis Lerner, the scumball behind the IRS targeting of right wing groups , wants her deposition sealed. Having faced “”Harassment and death treats””, she fears for her life. Now, why would that be? This needs to be public, the open festering sewer that was the Obama IRS need to be fully vented for the public to know exactly what  really did happen.

HEH,  A protest to pressure Trump to expose his Tax returns. It would have been nice, if there was this much energy and  inquisitiveness of Obama’s college credentials.

Well, looks like the North Korean ICBM blew up on the pad, one has to wonder if it had some help in that.

Oh boy, far right candidate Marine Le Pen, faces election defeat in the first round vote, due to a computer error…..

Another fake White Nationalist story, seem to be a recurring theme now, Hate Crime committed or claimed, and  sometime later we find it is a hoax. This is a massive disservice to those that are out there trying to end this cycle of hate, and just stokes more rage.


  1. “We demand that you release something that, regardless of their contents, we will clearly exploit to further attack you!”

    Sounds like a great political play, any surprise Trump or Obama didn’t play along?

  2. Or, the full quote: “With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided that they’d they go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, Senator.”
    What a bitch!

  3. No president has ever released college transcripts (Bush’s were leaked.) Every president for the past 40 years released tax returns. Lets not compare apples to oranges.

  4. I agree that college transcripts are irrelevant.
    Tax forms can show that Trump is lying about his net worth (which is a big part of his appeal) and/or just how much he owes to foreign banks, for example. Hardly irrelevant if we start lowering fines on, say, DeutcheBank, to whom he owes close to $1bn.

  5. “I promise I don’t have any conflicts of interest or any shady dealings that might bring into question whether my decisions are based on what’s best for the American people. And no, you’re not allowed to see the documents that would prove that, because of a made up reason.”

  6. Conservatives should want him to release the tax returns.

    Either a) His tax returns show nothing that would compromise him as POTUS. As Republicans, you should want him to release them to take away the Democrats talking point

    or b) His tax returns show he is financially tied to overseas interests, or that his policies are designed to make himself rich rather than help the country. As patriots, you should want him to assure you this is not the case.

    It’s Democrats who don’t want these released. They can run in 2018 with the message that only a Democrat house majority can get his tax returns – which is a winning message for no other reason than people are nosey.

  7. You just made zoom’s point: the whole reason for wanting to see Trump’s tax return is to find something to attack him with. Nobody honestly believes that you would see Trump’s tax returns, find nothing of significance, and then say, “Oh, wow, there’s nothing here. I’m sure glad about that!”

    I mean, “lying about his net worth”? You call that relevant?

    If that’s where we’re going, I could say that Obama’s college records are relevant because a big part of his appeal is that he’s smart and releasing his transcripts might how that he was a poor student. We might have found out that he applied for financial aid as a foreign student, which would have thrown his Constitutional qualifications into doubt.

    You’d think after Maddow’s humiliating experience with this non-issue, you guys would let it go.

  8. The question as to whether or not his tax returns needed to be released was settled last November. Democrats made a lot of noise over this through the campaign and it accomplished nothing. But if they think that it’s suddenly going to become a winning election issue, I hope they go for it with gusto.

    The greatest entertainment would be if they keep getting “leaked” piecemeal over the next four years and we keep seeing that there’s nothing there. I look forward to many MSNBC exclusives every time it happens.

  9. A. I was the first to say that Maddow was full of shit when that 2005 return leaked. If he released his returns and there was nothing to see there, I would not be attacking him. I don’t automatically want to attack him for everything. I stop people from going after his kids, his looks and other irrelevant stuff all the time. But if there was something there, yeah, I think we need to know.
    B. I don’t think his net worth is relevant, I think his lying about it is relevant. I think that many people voted for him because they believed his claims to be a successful businessman and they deserve to know if that’s not true. You yourself, in saber times, before the bunker mentality set in, knew that this is something that he is super paranoid about, like a man with something to hide.
    C. The elections did not prove that people don’t want to see his returns. Let’s not rehash the electoral math here, but you know full well that the majority of the American people did not vote for him. At best, the election proved that the electors don’t want to see his returns.
    D. Being smart has nothing to do with college grades. Kerry had the same grades and Bush Jr. but I think we both know which one of them was smarter. College transcripts would not show financial aid sources, in any case, but I can’t believe you just brought up a birther argument. Getting desperate, are we?

  10. I’m actually asking you directly this though… are you, a right leaning, Government doubting, America loving conservative saying that you are taking Trump at his word that he doesn’t have any financial dealings which might compromise him as POTUS. You just have that much faith in Government that you don’t at all feel that this needs to be looked into. You’re 100% sure that nothing in his financial past could ever, even a tiny little bit, lead him into making a decision that isn’t in America’s best interests?

    I get that it’s hilarious that Liberals are in a tizzy about this. But are you saying that you have so much trust in the integrity of our elected officials that you trust that they’re telling the truth, and don’t have to prove it?

    The issue with the transcripts was whether Obama was smart. The issue with the Tax returns is whether or not the POTUS has any conflicts that could lead him to make decisions that aren’t 100% based on what’s best for Americans. I guess I’m wondering why the party that’s been yelling ‘crony capitalism’ and ‘least transparent president ever’ for the past eight years is suddenly not to bothered about it

  11. You can’t have it both ways. Trump is to tax returns as Obama is to college transcripts. Obviously there are some differences between the two, but the principles are essentially the same. Political opponents are pressuring the President for voluntary disclosure of personal information that will surely be used to discredit him. I don’t know why any sane person would give in if there’s no upside.

  12. I don’t care about “taking away a talking point”, what a silly goal. The Democrats will just come up with some other talking point and the cycle continues. In fact, giving in makes him look weak and will only encourage this type of thing to continue.
    Would I mind seeing the totally-anticipated facts that he is not worth as much as he says he is? Not really. It’s never a bad thing to know more, and like you say, people are nosey, myself included. But if there’s no real political upside to doing it, why would anyone expect him to?

  13. First, I don’t think his tax returns would show anything devastating from the foreign influence angle. Maybe there’s a little smoke or something controversial on that front, but doubtful anything significant. Rather, the main purpose is to expose him as not being as wealthy as he claims.
    I think you also set an impossible bar with your “100% sure” dichotomy. In fact, I am sure he has had some shady dealings or things that might not totally be above board. I expect most people who voted for him believe that also. But I think just about every President has had shady dealings and the Republic didn’t end.
    Finally, one of the big issues with the Obama transcripts was the possibility he used scholarship for foreign student money. It’s also not as much about how “smart” he is, but whether he and others around him may have misrepresented that success. That is one of the key similarities with Trump and his tax returns–a question of whether the record supports a key biographical narrative.

  14. You ‘don’t think’ that he has any conflict of interests? Again I’ll ask – how come you trust the federal Government so much?

    Rather, the main purpose is to expose him as not being as wealthy as he claims.

    No it isn’t. The main purpose is to see whether his financial interests are in conflict with the national interests. I truly don’t get why this isn’t important to you.

    That is one of the key similarities with Trump and his tax returns–a question of whether the record supports a key biographical narrative.

    Again – no.

    Let me phrase it this way. Let’s admit there is a possibility that over the next 4 (8?) years that decisions made by the Trump administration could be influenced by the business interests of the Trump brand, or that past ‘shady dealings’ could be fodder for blackmail, or cronyism. A way to put a check on that power is by transparency of his financial interests. If you don’t want that transparency, I can see only two options

    a) You explicitly Trust the federal Government to do the right thing
    b) You’re fine with the possibility above.

    Is there a third option?

  15. I don’t like you trying to force this as a 100 or nothing question. Your false dichotomy is that unless I am 100% trusting the “Federal Government” or totally fine with a conflict of interest, I should be chomping at the bit for disclosure of his taxes. I’ve said elsewhere I wouldn’t mind seeing the taxes, but I’m just not hot and bothered by the refusal to release them, considering the factors at play.
    First, let’s consider and accept the fact that all Presidents have had financial and business dealings that could be affected by official actions. Given the scope of Presidential authority, and the fact that Presidents are typically successful in those domains, it’s kind-of baked into the cake, don’t you think? Somehow the Clintons became enormously rich following 42’s term, and Hillary’s State Dept. has had well-publicized conflicts of interests regarding Russian uranium, but I am not seeing the same people demanding Trump release his taxes calling for indictments of the Clintons. Kind-of a dead giveaway that this is mostly partisan bullcrap.
    I’m more concerned about egregious abuses of power. You know, the “high crimes and misdemeanors” type. In this case, I am very skeptical tax returns would be the smoking gun. Were such crimes to exist, I DO trust the Government, opposition politicians, and the media to make immense hay of it. With the Feds leaking like a sieve, you don’t think if there was something really bad on Trump it wouldn’t have been released already? The Feds DO have his tax returns already you know.
    So given that a real crime would have already been leaked and widely publicized, it seems clear to me that calls to release taxes are more for political and partisan advantage than a true concern about conflicts that may be contained therein, despite your and others insistence on pure motivations.

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