One of the most enjoyable aspects of blogging, to me, is that you get to meet lots of news people without ever actually having to spend time around them in person.  Seriously though, my misanthropic tendencies aside, I also love seeing our community grow, both in terms of our growing readership and with our relationship to other blogs and websites that share our interests.

Those of you who have been reading us for the two months we’ve been around (thank you for that, by the way), know that we write a great deal about the importance of rebuilding the political discourse, straying away from partisan combativeness, and seeking a new national consensus toward resolving our problems.  Whether you think I’m any good at doing that is entirely up to you, but hey, I’m trying.

One of the reasons I returned to blogging was because I felt that there are too few outlets that serve free-thinking people who are sick of the incessant Left-Right bickering.  There’s definitely a demand for it, but that niche is smaller than the hordes of fools who prefer hearing their own opinions comfortably repeated back to them day in and day out.

That’s why I’m pleased to introduce the Common Ground Podcast.  I was delighted to discover them this week on Twitter.  Like us, they just launched this year and they are also committed to encouraging a free and open discourse in which all sides are welcome to participate and work to find, well, common ground.   I know many of you here will appreciate their libertarian viewpoint.

Please go check them out!  If you support what we do here and want to see more rational and thoughtful political outlets on the Web instead of another million, boring ass “My Corrupt Party Good; Other Corrupt Party, Bad” attack sites, it’s absolutely vital that we do what we can to help such content providers succeed.

I recommend starting off with Episode 1: Divisive Language, you damn deplorable snowflakes.

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Judge Dredd, pro se

Sounds like a cool idea. I’ll check them out. Happy Easter!

With about 10 hours of commuting a week, podcasting is essential for passing the time. I’ve added the podcast and I am looking forward to listening!

Any other podcast recommendations?

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Just a few that I enjoy:
The Federalist Radio Hour
Twenty Thousand Hertz
99% Invisible
50 Things that Made the Modern Economy
Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
Common Sense with Dan Carlin

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