Yesterday was 4/20 and you know what that means: HITLER’s BIRTHDAY! So let’s have some Reich Rock!  No Jewish, gay, or left-wing artists please.

Yesterday was 4/20 and you know what that means: COLUMBINE MASSACRE ANNIVERSARY!  Put on your trenchcoat and key up some Marilyn Manson, KMFDM, and Good Charlotte.

Bill O’Reilly got let go for his innumerable sexual harassment complaints this week.  How about some music that’s demeaning to women?

So ISIS shot some cops in Paris yesterday.

Screw it.  Let’s get high.

Yesterday was 4/20 and you know what that means: Weed.  Regardless of your attitude on drug use or criminalization, there can be no doubt that you enjoy music that was heavily influenced by artists….under the influence.

Let’s honor those who fried their brains for our amusement accordingly.  Here are this week’s themes:

  1. “Bigger Than Jesus”: Artists who are famous and notorious for their drug abuse and they’re often iconic among stoners.  Bonus points for knowing each one’s favorite substance.
  2. “A Mulatto, An Albino, a Mosquito, My Libido”: Songs with the most bizarre and downright hallucinogenic, dope-induced lyrics ever written.
  3. “Because I Got High”: As a public service, we should probably share songs from those artists whose lives were wrecked by drugs.  Alternately, play some songs about the negative consequences of drugs.  Do it for the children among our audience.*
  4. “Puff the Magic Dragon”: Songs either explicitly or subtly about drugs.  The more subtle, the more I like it.  Caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol don’t count.
  5. “Dude, Where’s My Car?”: I got nothing for this one.  I’ll tell you what: Just give me something that combines the preceding 1-4 all in one selection, if you can.

All are welcome to participate.  To do so, please just share a song from YouTube on the thread.  It will be added to the below embedded playlist as the day goes on, as long as it is consistent with the theme.

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for all week.  The dedications.

Santino: Here’s a #5 to start us off strong.  Includes Layne Staley, who died of an overdose.  For the bonus, he liked heroin.  Lyrical example for bizarreness: Candles red I have a pair/Shadows dancing everywhere/Burning on the angry chair.  About that “pink cloud” mentioned in the song.  Hopefully that clarifies what I’m looking for in a 5 for everyone else.

pfluffy: I’m not sure if Johnny Cash had any songs weird enough to qualify as a #5, but this one is a solid and not at all subtle 1, 3, and 4.

kevinmkr: I remember this fondly from a Facebook conversation we had a couple of years ago.  Very much a 4, and I think its overall weirdness qualifies it as a 2.

spootyjim: For you, a highly appropriate cover.

westvirginiarebel: One of my favorites from Nirvana.  Outrageously 2, would be a 5 if I had any idea whether or not it’s about drugs.  Doll steak.  Test meat.  You guys could fill this thread with Nirvana and I couldn’t object.

mashav: Among the most tragic losses of a great diva ever.  Her best known song, of course, is a 4, but I prefer this one.

Zurvan: You know, I don’t feel like I’ve given you enough credit for your broad tastes in music on these threads.  Let me make it up to you.  Here’s one of the newer bands I enjoy but don’t share often.  Also, they like heroin.

Grendel: As mentioned in an earlier thread, I rewatched T2 recently.  Still badass.  I think this song’s a 3.

ilovecress: For you, I think one of my favorite songs, “Your Love is My Drug“, by Ke$ha would be fantastic.  Very consistent with the theme.

Want a dedication of your own next week?  Share a song.  Puff, puff, give.

*Don’t let children read this blog.


Here’s your actual dedication, ilovecress.


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No. 5 drug-soaked masterpiece from Scott Weiland. I mean, he can regulate a regulator, right?


Some Sublime for 3 and 4.

#3’s namesake for #4.

Comfortably Numb for #4

I don’t think Duran Duran fully fits into #2, but they sure do have some songs with weird lyrics (“I stayed the cold day with a lonely satellite” …wait, what?).

Don’t know where to categorize it, but this song just smells like Otto’s jacket.

I wonder what the powers that be that mine my browsing will think of me. 🙂


I remember this fondly from a Facebook conversation we had a couple of years ago.

DUDE! I am constantly amazed about your great memory for this stuff!

Grab your partner and let’s slow dance to a song about cocaine!

The musicians who’ve made all that great music that’s enhanced your lives throughout the years?
Rrrrrrrrrrrrreal fuckin’ high on drugs.

Sometimes, though, the drugs don’t work….


I’m like the Rain Man of DJ threads.


Also, I just realized that I inadvertently aped your initial track!


Also, at the risk of disqualification from playlist consideration, I’m going to go off the reservation and post a song by a band with DRUGS in the name.

The War On Drugs.


Nick Cave had a legendary two-decades long heroin problem and was finally able to kick it in about 2001. So, this one doesn’t count for #3 but takes care of 1,2 and 4.

A sample for #2:

Ah tied off! Fucken wings burst out mah back
(Like ah was cuttin teeth!!)
Ah took off!!!
(Rats in Paradise! Rats in Paradise!)

Kevin, great Tool. I always love their instrumentals but not as much his vocals. That was a good one!


Definitely a #2. Especially if you’ve ever seen the video.

Yea that one always had inexplicable lyrics.

Pretty sure you can get credit for a #2 also on that one!

Can’t have too much AiC.


and Blind Melon

Mouthful of Cavities


#3 – The trio fell apart in 2013 due to drugs, and the one guy left in the band recently hit it big with this one. Catchy tune.

That whole damn soundtrack, really. It’s not quite weed, but having just seen T2, that’s where my mind went.
But i like this one better than Mile End –
And if you need an upper after all that heroin –

They certainly did their share:

Probably the king of the cocaine survivors:


I used to love that cover of “Earache My Eye.” I grew up on Dr. Demento, and that was a regular staple of his lineup.

For my contribution to numbers 2 and 4 I’m going to be lazy and throw out Weezer’s “Hash Pipe.” It’s a poppy piece of fluff, but it fits well enough, and with the least amount of effort on my part 😀


Just noticed that the David Gray track didn’t make the playlist….

Also, basically what the Seventies were all about?

He’s certainly familiar with the subject at hand:


Thanks, I realized that I forgot to add the link even though I had watched the video a literal minute before I commented. I has a sad now.

Once again ill go with Hank III for a some relevant songs.
Whisky Weed and Women.
Stoned and alone
Marijuana Blues
A Candidate for suicide

This song and video had to be the result of drugs.
Wynona’s big brown beaver


Hotel California

copperhead road

ol Janis, Me an bobby McGee

Randy Rhoads

Bon scott….

cant had born to be wild with out magic carpet ride…
love this song, and not just because this is the song i wrecked my truck to, duke of hazzard style….

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