He’s Baaaarack!  After a long hiatus, former President Barack Obama returns to his former hometown after a long vacation in the Pacific, to pick up where he left as a community agitator, I mean, organizer.

One of these days, our luck is gonna run out. A sizable rock, at some point, is gonna hit an inhabited area and do a lot of damage. There will be no scruffy team of deep oil well drillers to save us.

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE AUGUST 21, 2017! I have been waiting for this for years! Given the fact that this  will transit  my area, I do intend to get out and enjoy this one. With my luck, I’ll probably wind up in another tornado.

Venezuela, further proof that Socialism hasn’t yet had the right people in charge, recently seized the General Motors  plant for who knows what reasons. The situation continues to deteriorate as protesting, and even rioting, has now become a normal occurrence.  I have to wonder how much longer till Maduro either flees the country or ends up hanging my his ankles from a streetlight.

Oh my god! It must be Global Warming/Climate Change/ Climate Disruption 

For the love of GOD, please. for all that is holy, stop Chelsea Clinton If there is one thing that Democrats and Republican can agree on, it is this.

So, Venezuela sent $500,000 to the Trump inaugural fund, and that is why they are rioting? I thought it was the CIA that was causing all this? Why would they give money to the evil USA?  Well its Maddow, I’m not sure she even knows what she’s reading.

It’s gonna be YUGE! I tell ya, biggest one ever...or something like that. This is assuming the GOP, doesn’t round file this right out of the gate.

He’s got the whole world in his hands, he’s got the whole wide world in his hand…well you do now, with the new Google Earth 

I thought Trump and Rex Tillerson were in cahoots with Putin?

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He’s not going to the Correspondent’s Dinner, but he’s…holding another rally:

Speaking of Vikings…

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