Last week, I saw a couple of stories I found quite curious.  The first was this footage of the “Antifa Girl” getting slugged in the face by a white nationalist during last weekend’s Berkeley protest.

Then I saw this in the local news.  Another woman getting a taste of the patriarchy’s knuckle sandwich.

First of all, I’ll say that I don’t think either woman deserves any pity.  “Moldylocks” of Antifa was participating in a riot and had specifically showed up to the event looking for a fight.  She got one.  The woman at the Royals game was apparently a bit of a spitter.  She had the bad fortune both to get rocked and cited for disorderly conduct.

Even though I can’t say that I pity either woman, that’s a far cry from saying that I approve of any man face-punching a woman in street combat.  As any professional knows, you ought punch an aggressive woman in one of her tits.  Sucks the fight out of them and it’s easy to make it look like an accident.

Okay, okay.  Look, I’m being serious now.  In the past, I’ve written about how we shouldn’t figuratively pull our punches with women in the sphere of healthy intellectual debate.  Literally speaking, women are not your physical equal, fellows.  On average they have far less muscle composition, smaller bones, and aren’t in your weight class.  Most of them don’t have much fighting experience, aren’t as aggressive as you are, and can’t handle pain as well as you do.

The science is settled: you’re an unfair prick if you punch a woman in the face.  Even Ronda Rousey, who could certainly jack you up even as her career is on the decline, agrees that all other things being equal, a fight between a man and a woman isn’t a fair one.

There is no compelling reason why you should ever strike anyone who is smaller and weaker than you, except in self-defense.  Man or woman.  Yes, it is funny to see an obnoxious jerk get clocked, but it doesn’t make it right.  Trouble is, I’m starting to feel like I’m on the losing side of this argument as an old-fashioned type who acknowledges the relative physical weakness of women and believes that they deserve special consideration.

On to another component of this, it seems that the message that’s being sent is akin to “women, behave like ladies or else violence.”  I definitely can see that sentiment being conveyed in the comments expressing approval on both videos.

Can we be honest and say that deep down, many men find something satisfying about seeing a snotty and uppity woman get her comeuppance?  I really can’t speak to what leads a man to think that socking a woman is ever good or necessary, but I don’t see why else these videos would be going viral unless there was some measure of approval for the “shut up, you stupid bitch” aspect.  Am I wrong on this?

I wonder if this is going to become a feature of popular culture over the next few years.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the taboo against striking a woman as a man might another man is going to vanish completely, leaving a wake of busted feminine skulls behind it.

There are consequences for denying biological science and, unfortunately, our society is really good at that.

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I’d just claim I identified as a woman during the fight. Makes it all equal.


Why are you bringing science into this? I feel like woman, therefore, at that moment, I am one. Just don’t look down.

Snarkiness aside, no, I couldn’t hit a woman. At the most I would restrain if I had no way to leave or move away from the situation. But in the vast, vast majority of cases, physical altercations are not needed. There usually is, by and large, a way for someone to swallow their pride and walk away from the situation.

I know it goes against the grain these days but I don’t think that women are well served by allowing women to be total assholes to the point of decking a man but they are off limits for hitting back. Yes, women are usually physically weaker than men but placing criminal charges against a man for physically subduing a woman is ridiculous to me. Maybe not punching in the face, but you know what I mean.

That said, verbal abuse should almost always be met verbally. Decking someone (man or woman) for talking shit is stupid.


This discussion reminds of a Bill Burr bit I once saw….

Start at 4:26….


That’s why it’s funny.


I’m a weakling typing in front of a computer right now. Never been much of a fighter. However, I’d very easily be able to conjure a scenario in my mind where a dude decides he’d like to antagonize me. Gets me in face. I’m trying to drink my unicorn frapp and this guy just won’t back off. I smell his breath. I smell his BO. He’s projecting spittle in my face. All because he thought I gave him a weird look or looked at his girlfriend. Who knows. Make up a good back story. Anyways, this guy is not going… Read more »


I would never hit a woman, and I would try to stop any man from hitting a woman in my presence, whether she deserves it or not.

But remember – Gender is fluid, and if she claims to be man, she’s going down!

Violent BO is different.


And that BREATH! 😉

If women want a level playing field in the whole of life, getting down and dirty is one of those things.. now in not advocating out right punch a woman in the face for shits and giggles, but if they do throw up into a fight, you can expect to get your self hit. I know a few woman that could take most men toe to toe, and seen a few fights where the woman got the upper hand. As for the cultural issues, well if they want equality in all things getting your ass kicked is one of them,… Read more »

Two threads here: (1) It’s the “car crash” factor–people just like to see this sort of stuff in general. (2) Since people deal with a-holes all day every day, it is pleasurable to see jerks get their comeuppance.

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