There is only one theme this week: it’s all about you.

Share your favorite everything with us.  Favorite song, favorite album, song from favorite movie, favorite band, favorite song to punch women in the face to, favorite song to karaoke with, favorite song to get psyched up to, favorite Johnny Cash song, etc.

All are welcome to participate.  To do so, please just share a song from YouTube on the thread.  It will be added to the below embedded playlist as the day goes on, as long as it is consistent with the theme.

Indulge yourself until you explode.

Dedications!  Enjoy all these things that I like.

pfluffy: A song from my favorite album.  The title track of Superunknown.

Santino: This is my favorite song when I’m experiencing road rage.

westvirginiarebel: My favorite song to listen to on a warm evening in the spring, with the house opened up or sitting outside during a family barbecue.

kevinmkr: My favorite song to play when I want to annoy my wife.

spootyjim: Here’s my favorite song from what I consider to be the Best Soundtrack/Worst Movie Combination.

Zurvan: My favorite music video of the 21st Century.

mashav: This one played at the end of Season 4 of my favorite show.  It’s a great scene.  First time I ever really paid attention to that band.  How much better the 90’s would have been if I’d been listening to them instead of what I was.  #LostOpportunity

Grendel: And here’s one from my favorite Christmas album.

Want a dedication of your own next week?  Share a song.


  1. Ah, Silverchair. What happened to them? Really, what happened to them? Their album New Modern was something like mid 60’s lounge music. If I hadn’t seen the cover, I wouldn’t have had any idea it was the same band.

    From the same album though, I greatly preferred Marilyn Manson’s “Long Hard Road Out of Hell.” If anything screams mindless self indulgence, it’s Manson.

    My personal contribution to the playlist is “Sonne” by Rammstein. Their album “Mutter” has been one of my favorites since it came out, and I’ve listened to it thousands of times over the years. “Sonne” is a damn fine song on its own, and I really enjoy the video’s subversion of the classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarves fable.

  2. Song from my favourite movie –

    Song from my newest favourite band –

    Favourite song when I like to wallow in sadness –

    Favourite slow dance and make out song –

    My interest in bands seem to change over the years, but here are 3 of my staples.

    Oasis –
    Muse – (You took Knights of Cydonia from me!)
    The Killers –

  3. It’s hard to pick just one favorite song. Since you mentioned stuff I listened to in the 90s, this was the first to come to mind – The lyrics really spoke to me back then.
    The next decade was more – Bonus points, this is based on my favorite book.
    Now it’s –

    I have a hard time picking just one song from my favorite artist, this probably fits the rest of this blog the best

  4. I’m not usually a fan of, would you call it trance?, but this is great background music for work!

  5. First time I ever really paid attention to that band. How much better the 90’s would have been if I’d been listening to them instead of what I was. #LostOpportunity

    That’s how I feel about the Cure (more so for the 80s I suppose). Here is my favourite cover of a Cure song.

    Some of my favourite guilty pleasures.

    Lionel Ritchie & Diana Ross –
    George Micheal (and one of my favourite ways to poke Thrill as well) –
    Nickelback –

  6. More from the glory days of techno (also not a bad movie):

    Heh! Somebody didn’t go through all the links on the top post.

  7. favorites…..

    The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald loe this song, a timeless dedication to a tragedy.

    movies hmm a 80’s movie no less.. IRON EAGLE
    Road of the gypsy
    One Vision – Queen
    Gimmie some loving

    more movies
    Flash !
    Thunderstruck ACDC I know i know its a crap movie, but hey the the BB-63 Mighty MO!

    Time are a changing From The Watchmen.

    The Battle of the mounds Basil Poledouris

    a all time fav.
    Gettyburg- Iced Earth a 30 minute heavy metal Tribute to the battle of Gettysburg in 3 parts.

    favorite Johnny Cash

    Gods gonna cut you down.. some gun porn.

    and finally some DIO

    Last in Line

    Man on Silver Mountain

  8. Favorite song…totally depends on my mood.

    Favorite depressed song – Something I can Never Have

    Favorite Angry song – Too many to list. Recently Eminem Love the Way You Lie (Which is interesting, because generally I hate rap). Any number of Breaking Benjamin songs…we’ll include I Will Not Bow. When I’m angry about politics – Uprising by Muse.

    Favorite song of this moment – Good News. I tend to listen to a new song I find and like on repeat until I’m sick of it, and can’t listen to it one more time…then a month later it gets added to the favorites playlist.

    Favorite song of all time, that I will stop and listen to no matter where I am – Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Clair De Lune is another one. And With or Without You by U2 is yet another one.

    Favorite songs from musicals –

    Stars – Les Miserables

    This is the Moment – Jekyll & Hyde (Anthony Warlow has an amazing voice, one of my favorite singers)

    If I Can’t Love Her – Beauty and the Beast

    I’ll Cover You (Reprise) – Rent

    More recently – She Used to be Mine – Waitress

    A great song to get lost in – Introduction: The Way Up.

    Almost anything from Peter Gabriel. Big Time is a good “pick me up” song.

    Other good pick me up songs:

    Rise Today – Alter Bridge.

    Hall of Fame – The Script

    Don’t You Worry Child – Swedish House Mafia

    Other favorites:

    Spectrum – Zedd

    Danny Boy – Vocal Point

    Nessun Dorma – Performed by Andrea Bocelli

    Adagio for Strongs – Samuel Barber There’s also a very cool vocal arrangement of this.

    I guess that’s good for now.

  9. Zurvan: My favorite music video of the 21st Century.

    Very nice. I was just playing this on Guitar Hero the other day…and losing.

  10. Hey. What’s the big idea of my post needing moderation? Bastards don’t like my music choices?!? 😉

  11. If you put something like 10 or more links in a single comment, the spam filter catches it. Just let me know when that happens and I’ll approve it.

  12. Ah, musicals. That is an upcoming theme, coming up sometime in May. You seem to have a knack for anticipating those!

  13. Yes, pretty much all of that could be classified as trance, or progressive house. I also agree it is great working music, because it isn’t too distracting and you can really get in a groove.

    Most of the top DJs have a weekly podcast that makes for many hours of great music. Some of my favorites are Markus Schulz’s “Global DJ Broadcast”, Ferry Corsten’s “Corsten’s Countdown”, Ben Gold’s “Gold Rush Radio”, Above & Beyond’s “Group Therapy”, and “Release the Beat” by JES.

    One of these days I will figure out how to host big music files here and I can post my own series of DJ mixes for your listening pleasure 🙂

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