You know, I really wanted to write something pro-Trump this week.  Just for the sake of balance, if nothing else.  Also, I don’t want it to look like I’m just railing against Trump and the GOP all the time and becoming some sort of liberal.  I’m nowhere near that point.

It’s just that…fuck.  Not one single positive thing to write about.  North Korea is baiting us into a crisis. Judges of the 9th Circuit have successfully set themselves up as a Shadow Executive Branch on Trump’s key issues.  The AHCA is stalled again.  Tax “reform” is going nowhere.  The wall isn’t getting funded but Planned Parenthood is.   Now, on top of everything else, we learned that GDP growth for Q1 was only .7%.

And all that was just this week.  Let’s face it.  Nothing good is getting done, even with full GOP control of all three branches of the federal government.  This is embarrassing and unforgivable.

A Trump fanatic might say, “But none of this is Trump’s fault! He’s actually doing something about Kim Jong Un.  I mean, North Korea has been a problem since the 1950’s.  The 9th Circus judges are a bunch of activists who always get overturned and they will again when the travel ban and sanctuary city funding cases get there.  Paul Ryan is screwing everything up and probably working against Trump behind the scenes.  And GDP growth was bad because it was a warm winter and Obama.  We’ll all be winning soon enough.  Asshole.”

Yes, I know that none of it is really Trump’s fault.  Stop smacking me with your red hat already.  But expectations were high on Trump for his First 100 Days.  Unreasonably so.  Who, oh who, could have sought to damage Trump by saddling him with all of these unrealistic expectations?

Donald Trump’s worst enemy, of course: Donald Trump’s Mouth.  Granted, he never went so far as to claim that he was going to stop the rising oceans or anything retarded like that.  However, if the GOP doesn’t start delivering by the end of the summer, it is going to be serious trouble for the party.

By then, the “incompetence” label will be undeniable.  I think that a human sacrifice is already necessary and I surely hope that it’s Paul Ryan.  If some legislation doesn’t get cooking, Trump’s fate is sealed.

Not sure how to tell you this, Republicans, but if you dick this up now you’re not going to get another shot at governing for a long, long time.  Can you please get your shit together?  We’re getting bitchy and impatient here in Red State America and fairly so.

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He has done some things on regulations and immigration enforcement. But the rest shows his lack of experience and knowledge of how the government works, or is supposed to, and the Republicans are either sitting on their hands or retreating back into minority party mentality. I think they know what’s coming if Trump can’t deliver bigly.


Donald Trump’s worst enemy, of course: Donald Trump’s Mouth.

I thought it was his Twitter account?


He made the 100 day promises in his Gettysburg speech, so I say mouth.

The gang that could not shoot straight…

between his own babbling rambles ons, the fact that the establishment republicans know that all the have to do is be difficult and do their own thing, and the democrats, just lawyer up and go judge shopping on any order Trump makes….. its sad…. no wonder he not happy. her encountered the reality of the swamp

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