The orthodox position on Human habitation of North America is that the first settlements appeared around 15,000 years ago. Over the last few decades, discoveries of stone tools and remains have put that claim in doubt.

A recent discovery had lead archaeologists on site to conclude that someone, 130,000 years ago, was butchering Mastodons. Now this is a staggering change in the assumption of what we have thought about the early occupation of North America.

The evidence is clear that someone was at that site, though it is possible that errors in the uranium sampling might throw the date off by a few thousand years at most.  But 100,000 years is a solid estimate that the Quartz illumination testing showed, indicating that they were older than 60,000 years, well prior to the accepted  human habitation date.  Then again  it might have not been “modern” humans.  Perhaps they were Neanderthal, Denisovan, homo erectus or some unknown hybrid or variants of Sapiens.

With a renewed Pentagon investigation into payments from Russia Today and Turkey, it seems that now that Trump administration is trying to wash their hands of Flynn, by portraying him as a  product of the Obama Administration only.  I don’t think this is gonna go well for them.

Given all the warnings that the Left has been giving us about Herr Trump’s rise to chancellorship.. I mean Supreme Leader.. er… what ever…The Capitol building is still there.  Then again, it’s only been 100 days.

As much of a geek as I am, I still am not all that enthused by driver-less cars or this autopilot thing that has been promised. The thought of long haul trucks barreling down the roads fills me with dread. One of the factors that is pushing this is the lack of qualified drivers for the long haul routes.

The lifestyle, the stress and the working environment, not to mention the demands of driving these trucks tend to produce a rate of attrition that has left employers scrambling to find more drivers. Coked/methed up asphalt cowboys are an endangered species.

Trump seems to have discovered that being president isn’t just fun and games.

You got to cut Obama some slack here, he has a lifestyle to maintain.  Plus, he is a hot commodity now and with how well Bill and Hillary did doing speeches, why not?

Another failed launch. I know this is a bit dark, but i hope Lil Kim is going batshit and offing his engineers because they failed him. Fewer engineers means less reliable systems, more failed launches, more batshit orders, and more internal strife…

The Portland Rose Festival,82nd Avenue of Roses Parade was to be a display of the diversity and wonder of the city of Portland, a city know for its inclusiveness. However a insidious group was to march in the parade and so, fearing for the safety of the people, the city shut the parade down.

Now you may ask, “Mr. Grendel, what was so scary and dangerous about the parade that the city shut it down?”

The answer is … wait for it…..Republicans.….or more specifically, the Multnomah County Republican Party.  It seems that several peace loving anti fascist groups, openly threatened to counter protest and disrupt the event. The City, unable to provide enough police for the parade, decided it was best just not to have it. There ya go: Progress. You got to love the inclusive tolerant Left.

Then there are these sorry stains on humanity.  Real, actual fascists.

The left wing media claims that Trump is incompetent.  But if so, how would he be a threat to the massive media complex? You want to see a real threat to journalism? Go to Mexico, see what real danger journalists face in the culture of corruption and cartels. Then you can come back and maybe balance that out with what you experience here.

Drill baby, drill. Opening back up areas that Obama, for just reasons of pure sucking up to the anti progress crowd, closed off to exploration and drilling. As long as they clean their messes up and keep to safety and environmental codes…I say go for it!

When i saw this crap was being regurgitated as a series on Hulu, I assumed that the producers had expected Ted Cruz to have been the Republican candidate.  Well it seems now that hanging gays and turning women into baby making machines is now instead the forte of Trump legacy.

All too timely.  Heh…from what I have seen, it seems that pretty much all biological reproduction science has gone away.  Now if they set this modern day , in the Mideast, with ISIS as the villains……well, we do not want to offend anyone now.  So no, we can’t do that.

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