So Late Show host Stephen Colbert has brought the full fury of Trump supporters and probably some other people for calling Donald Trump’s mouth “Putin’s cock holster.”  Alright.

I’ll say first that I’m not a fan of Colbert’s.  I hated the Daily Show, never watched his O’Reilly parody show, and have no desire to watch the Late Show.  Besides that, I have enjoyed his past voiceover work on “Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law” and “The Venture Brothers”.  Oh, yeah.  He was also good on “Strangers with Candy”.

But should he be fired for what he said about Trump?  There are two reasons you could say yes, I suppose.

First, you could say that his remark was “homophobic”.  This is funny to me, because last season’s “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” had something similar come up in the episode “Hero or Hatecrime?”  In it, one character, who is latently gay but denies it, gets called a “faggot” by another character.  In the end, it’s pointed out to the “gay” character by an independent arbiter that it wasn’t a hate crime because he says he isn’t gay.  With a $10,000 prize at stake, the character admits he’s gay so he can collect it.

I think you see where I’m going with this.  See, I agree with the reasoning.

It’s not homophobic because neither Trump nor Putin are gay.  If one or both of them would like to out themselves as gay, then maybe you’d have something there.  But no, it’s not homophobic to say that Trump sucks Putin’s dick.  You can’t call it that unless you think Trump is a fag, fellas.  Sorry.

Other reason you could apply is that it was disrespectful toward a sitting president.  You know, if it were either Bush, Clinton, or Obama who had the same joke made about any one of them, I’d agree that it went too far.

The problem is that it was about Trump.  I don’t have any particular disdain for Trump compared to other presidents, but it would be hypocritical to gloss over the fact that he has a–shall we say–long history of saying really mean things about other people.  He did it before he became president and he still does it as president.

If Donald Trump wants to be treated with the dignity expected for his office, then he should behave accordingly.  He doesn’t.  Vulgarity breeds more vulgarity.  This is why Democrats like Tom Perez are running around screaming “fuck” and “shit” at every other speech.  They seem to think being the most vulgar is how you win or something.  Colbert is clearly invested in that mentality.

Honestly, I think Trump can take it in stride though.  His supporters really don’t have to white knight for him on this.

Most likely, I think what’s really motivating the “Fire Colbert” movement more than anything else is a desire to settle the score for O’Reilly’s termination.  Targeting advertisers does work.  Still, I think that CBS will pressure Colbert to apologize and that will be the end of it.  It’s probable that Colbert’s eventual apology will be backhanded and insulting by itself, but he’ll make it and it will probably end there.

I’d be pretty surprised if Trump fans can sustain the boycott that it would take to force CBS to drop Colbert.  The one against O’Reilly was very strong and sustained and–more importantly–was based on some pretty outrageous conduct on O’Reilly’s part that was harder for Fox or its advertisers to defend.  Colbert didn’t say anything of the sort that I don’t see most anti-Trumpers say each day online.

Were I to bet on it, I’d say now that Colbert’s job is quite safe.

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This is Stephen Colbert we are talking about. Nothing to see here.

Fire his ass. Make them live by their own rules.

Judge dredd, pro se

Kind of hard to feign indignation over this if you voted for the pussy grabber, but the pigs have truly taken flight if conservatives think they’re going to be taken seriously trying to come to the rescue for homosexual men.

Tbh I’ve never watched one minute of Colbert but with all this triggering of the whiniest political class in the history of mankind I’ll tune in after I get back from the store with my kaepernik jersey.

We live in the age of the offended, at least if the offense comes from someone on the right.

Also the House passed the Obamacare bill. Yuge win?


What makes it homophobic is the implication that a man giving another man a bj (being gay) is something that’s bad and can be used as an insult. We don’t go around calling people straight white males in the heat of an argument, because that’s not an insult in this society. Calling Trump Putin’s gay bottom is similar to calling him a pussy or saying he argues like a girl. 🙂 There are negative characteristics people associate with gay men and women which are considered undesirable in a man. Having said that, it’s not a hate crime, since Trump is… Read more »

Judge dredd, pro se

Huge win for democrats. They get to kill the bill in the senate, they’ve turned purple districts blue again, and Obamacare needs retooling, which can now be discussed by the democrats without being labeled baby killers. Trump is turning democrat anyway so he’s spent all the republicans political clout and can move on. It was probably the most stupid kamikaze political fight ever waged but they might’ve been able to salvage a reputation and appear compassionate otherwise so it had to happen. This ranks right up there with that toothless religious freedom executive order. As if an executive order can… Read more »


Our own rules are that you can’t actually grab women by the pussy or call them on the phone while jerking off if they don’t want you to.
Colbert has not done anything like that.
You can keep pretending that people are upset about Trump’s word usage, but that’s not true. I don’t care that he said the word pussy. I care that he physically grabbed several without the owners’ permission.

meh, let him keep his job and dig a deeper hole. As for the whole cockholster being anti homosexual. i think that only applies if one thinks that Colbert finds homosexual acts bad….?. or wants to imply to his audience that sucking cock is a negative thing.. but if this had been on the other political spectrum , oh god the outrage would be trending as #1 on twitter right now… as far as colbert him self, fuck’em, this outburst frames is desperation.. BTW didnt Nancy Polosi just say the had no evidence of Trump Putin connection?

i want to up vote that.

he be skinned byt now if they played by their own rules.

yeah, this boycock is not gona impress anyone

the phones in democrat offices are melting right about now that fearful people with preexisting conditions are spazing out and gong apeshit. FB is awash with people but i need ACA i cant get insurgence, and media site ” Republicans want to Kill kids” “robin hood in reverse”… ect ect.

LOL never gets old ..


Apparently he just apologized a tiny bit, the way I expected: “So, while I would do it again, I would change a few words that were cruder than they needed to be. Now I’m not going to repeat the phrase, but I just want to say, for the record, life is short, and anybody who expresses their love for another person in their own way, is to me, an American hero.”


I think it was Feinstein. And she qualified it with a “yet”.

how long have they had now? nearly a year?

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