Given revelations lately, this is not a real surprise...I’m sure that Team Obama has a good excuse.

Give me more give me more… and they wonder why their approval rating is around 20%.

Looking back is educational, there is just something  amazing and saddening about looking at photos of eras that have gone by.

A feel good story of a home invasion that goes badly for the invader. I have to wonder of the guy learned his lesson.. heh, good hits btw.

Once again, the” we do not think they intended to break the law” Clause is walked out, to defend Hillary’s associates.  This has gotten to the point that this does not even shock me any more. The rot has gone so deep.

A school was shut down and evacuated  after another student arrived wearing a costume,  for the STAR WARS , May the 4th Be With You Day. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with our schools?

I’m not sure this is even possible, it does not fit the narrative. Hispanics like Trump?

Trebuchets,  ‘Nuff said,.

Oh our middle class and poor are better off than Europe’s…well, maybe.  I am sure that someone would have a opinion about this.

Anti-vaxxers met Somali immigrants. With fatal results.

No, Trump did not make rape and sexual assault a preexisting condition, that insurance companies do not have to cover. The hysterical ramblings of democrats on this is just sad.

Once again Trumps picks get bounced for something they did in the past. Can they not find some one who isn’t a total media liability?

Taxing rocket launches based on mileage.  California, proving once again that there is no private enterprise that we cannot tax into oblivion.

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My favorite asshole Youtubers loved Guardians of the Galaxy 2:

And one from my 2nd favorite asshole Youtuber:


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Snowflake Nazis.


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