As if you needed more evidence that America’s future is a much more liberal one as far as the youth are concerned, new polling from Pew Research illustrates that even the evangelical Millennials have lost interest in waging the Culture War from the Right on most issues.

I think they cut off the Millennial birth years a bit too early.  I’d say their generation ends at around 2002 or 2003 and would probably be even more liberal on every single one of those issues if included in the poll.

Interestingly, the one social issue on which evangelical Millennials are strongly conservative is abortion.  They’re reliably pro-life.  65% of them think abortion should be illegal in most or all circumstances.  However, that’s up against all Millennials, of whom only about 1/3 feel that way.

It’s no secret that I think it’s time for the GOP to concede defeat on the Culture War.  Its positions are not only losing ground among all voters, but even among the young evangelicals who would normally be expected to become the base of the party in the future.

As it is, only 51% of Millennial evangelicals consider themselves Republicans and 42% describe themselves as “conservative”.  That should be alarming enough by itself, but the polling shows that a growing share of them are also starting to embrace “big government” and expanded social services.

If I were in the prediction game, I’d say the Republican of the future is John Kasich.  Reliably pro-life, but happy to wrap up their policy initiatives in a Christian socialism.  Even the pretense that the GOP is by any means the small government party will be gone by the time Trump leaves office, if anyone still buys it.

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Ah, Like pope Francis.
As far as straight up Christian socialism we got a bit of that with George bush.

What about the idea that people’s opinions on such issues may change as they age, form families, and settle down? There’s a very idealistic thread running through liberal positions on a host of issues, and these ideas are often smashed on the rocks of reality as individuals age. For instance, many people are shocked at the level of taxation they face once they start entering their prime earning years, and their views moderate accordingly. When people have lived out in the real world for a decade or two, it starts to become more obvious that deadbeats who suck the teat… Read more »


I would have crossed the aisle and voted for Kasich over Clinton.

I’d like to think that many of them will change their minds once they realize that they have to pay taxes like everyone else…

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