Farewell to FBI Director James Comey.  I give thanks to him for destroying the presidential aspirations of Hillary Clinton though, strangely, it seems to be the reason Donald Trump fired him.

Seriously though, this was a purely Machiavellian coup in terms of its surprise and impact.  Comey had taken too much of the heat for seemingly granting Trump the victory last November (as far as certain pollsters are concerned) and it was necessary for Trump to do this and to demonstrate that he owed him nothing.  Importantly too, there was zero chance that the reputation of the FBI could be restored as long as Comey remained in that position.  This was a good move on Trump’s part.

That’s not to say that everything is going to go roses for Trump from here, particularly with regard to the Russian hacking investigation.  I don’t see how the Administration can continue to resist the appointment of an independent prosecutor.  Hell, it’s necessary.

Exit question: Do you think there’s any chance that Trump fired Comey because he knew that the Russian hacking investigation was wrapping up and was going to have a favorable result?  The optics would have been terrible if Comey was both the kingmaker and the one who then cleared Trump’s Administration of wrongdoing in the other election factor.

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I think your exit question sounds like wishful thinking.
Meanwhile, on the left, people think this is like that time Nixon fire Cox.
I honestly don’t know. Comey had this Boy Scout thing going on, I think he honestly was trying to be honest and above board, but the mess we are in is not conducive to that sort of thing.
But, given what we know of Trump, it might be as simple as he heard the quote about Comey feeling slightly nauseated and got mad at him…
The question is, who’s the replacement – Chachi or Antonio Sabato Jr.?

Judge Dredd Pro Se

Sessions should not be firing anyone on the Russian investigation. Alfred E. Klansman should’ve recused himself long ago.

There were times when Comey seemed to forget what his job was. If he did overstep his authority, then good riddance.

Judge Dredd Pro Se

He shouldnt be involved in firing people from the case he’s recused himself from.

Judge Dredd Pro Se

Yeah that’s not transparent bullshit. This is about Comey not going hard enough on Hillary (wink, wink).


I am not sure why he couldn’t appointment a prosecutor without firing Comey. It’s not like Comey could stop him.
More like there’s something to the Russia thing and they know Comey would not let it slide if he finds it.

Well as long as Trump did not intend to break the law…..

Probably one of the factors..not the only one..

Judge Dredd, pro se

No because there’s no one now who will conduct the investigation. Rosenstein is now carrying this out and there’s no need for an independent party?

Impeachment here we come!


So rarely has blatant politician hypocrisy been shown so clearly.


You are right, I was giving him too much credit. He is not scared of disclosure, just (still) and impulsive toddler.


That argument is only valid if we are talking about Sessions lying under oath to Congress. No other case.


Chris Christie is to Chachi like Giuliani is to Antonio Sabato Jr.?
I’ve also seen Ray Kelly and Mike Rogers as possibles.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Keep reading that firing letter and fuckin that chicken it will totally end well. Rosenstein’s reputation is ruined.

Title 28 or impeachment

It’s already been confirmed that Trump isn’t the target of any criminal investigation that Comey was leading. The one criminal investigation that is going on with Flynn isn’t even about the election. That is not what every other tweet, politico blog and news story is saying. well implying anyway. Comey was investigating Trump, Trump ended that by firing comey, full stop. Trump doesn’t care what it looks like. Comey cant even reveal the detail of a on going investigation even iff hes out on his ass. or that trump is so oblivious he doesn’t even realize how bad this looks.… Read more »

it seems they they are playing the “if we ignore it hard enough, it didnt happen” type of thinking.

Happy to try and have a rational discussion with you….

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

I’m sorry but there isn’t any “evidence” that trump is in the clear of anything. Tbh I personally feel trump is too stupid to keep collusion with the Russians to rig an election under wraps. However, that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a scandal and doesn’t run deep into right wing politics. I think there will be plenty to gawk at if there is an honest investigation that continues with the Flynn subpoenaes. I sure wish trumpalos had the stalwart patience of trump’s “100 day” benchmark for any investigation that actually has to observe judicial protocol. What we have here… Read more »


I’m sorry but there isn’t any “evidence” that trump is in the clear of anything.

I’m sorry, but there isn’t any “evidence” or even any evidence that Trump is guilty of anything.


Oh, I am facing the fact that Trump is my President. In fact, I am face palming this fact on a daily basis. You understand the expression “face palm?” I came up with it a couple of days ago and I thought it was good. TRUMP: … you understand the expression “prime the pump”? ECONOMIST: Yes. TRUMP: We have to prime the pump. ECONOMIST: It’s very Keynesian. TRUMP: We’re the highest-taxed nation in the world. Have you heard that expression before, for this particular type of an event? ECONOMIST: Priming the pump? TRUMP: Yeah, have you heard it? ECONOMIST: Yes.… Read more »

Judge dredd, pro se

This is such bullshit I can’t believe I’m hearing an intelligent person say it. 1.) rosenstein threatened to resign over having to do this. It was an impulsive decision that Donald thought would end the fussia story. 2.) Trump may not have to disprove anything but he sure does have to make evidence available, like his taxes. His shadiness is evident in his dealings with russian oligarchs as a private citizen. Many of which will come to light whether you like that they come from cnn or not. Donald has a long history of dealing with Russians. He’s careful to… Read more »

Judge dredd, pro se

Would you like a participation award for this statement?

That is not what every other tweet, politico blog and news story is saying. well implying anyway. And most of them, being the liberal media they are, are only happy to insinuate, implicate, and imply, but from all reports it is simply not true that President Trump is under investigation by the FBI. What is going on is a counterintelligence investigation is currently underway, investigating the extent and involvement of Russian intelligence in the election. Such an investigation is completely different from a criminal investigation, as it does not require a specific target, nor necessarily is a crime per se.… Read more »

What is going on is a counterintelligence investigation is currently underway, investigating the extent and involvement of Russian intelligence in the election Firstly, we don’t necessarily know what is and isn’t being investigated, as it’s highly unusual for the FBI to reveal who or what they’re investigating. (Or at least it used to be) That said, it’s probable that Trump himself isn’t being investigated. Trump claims that Comey told him as such, and I suspect that’s true, although a) Comey shouldn’t have revealed that information and b) Trump shouldn’t have asked. Zoomwsu, you did miss a slightly critical point in… Read more »


Sounds like it’s a lot like laughing up one’s sleeve…

3.) I don’t care if he’s involved with Russia. That happens to be a country that I don’t understand why we’re so antagonistic toward it. If his dealings with them improve our relations with them, I’m happy. So this is the bit that I’m interested in…. I’m really keen to hear why so many patriotic conservatives, who are naturally distrustful of Government are happy to shrug this one off? Firstly, are you saying that you don’t care if any US President is involved with Russia, or just Trump? Secondly – the concern is that if there is some ‘there there’… Read more »


1.) If any president has a good relationship or knowledge of another power, I think it’s advantageous. I’m not sure why anyone would believe otherwise.

2.) I think improved relations with Russia are in the best interests of the U.S..

The American officials who are pushing increased antagonism with Russia are the ones I’m more suspicious about. What are we risking war with a nuclear power over?


You’re basically saying that you’re sure nothing has been found because you haven’t personally heard of it yet. These things take a loooong time – especially as it’s a counterintelligence investigation rather than a criminal one. It’s more than fair for that to be your guess, but it’s still just your guess as to what’s going on. Sure. Flynn’s conversation with the Russian Ambassador gets leaked less than two weeks after it happens, but the truly damning evidence of collusion is just being held back by everyone in the know until the investigation is finalized. Just this week, Trump firing… Read more »

Thrill – if you think that the Trump/Russia investigation is into whether or not they have a ‘good relationship’ then I’m with you.

But it’s not.

The intelligence community concluded that Russia committed a crime against the USA. The investigation is into whether the Trump campaign helped them commit that crime.

Again, is the Trump administration always acting in the best interests of the electorate, or are there instances where they are acting in favour of their own financial or other undisclosed interests?The fact that this doesn’t concern Conservatives specifically stuns me.


The intelligence community concluded that Russia committed a crime against the USA.

I’m honestly curious…which law did Russia break?

Now that said, if Trump or any of his associates made any offers to Russians in exchange for their assistance during the election or engaged in any other activity to coordinate with them, that’s illegal and must be punished. Exactly. That’s exactly what everyone is worried about. Which is why there’s an investigation. And it’s important that we find out either way. Turns out you do care if he’s involved in Russia. To me, it’s simply that Trump and his associates already had a pro-Russian tilt and likely for legitimate reasons. The Russians recognized this fact and did what they… Read more »

As I said below – it’s not practice for the FBI to confirm or deny what they’re investigating. So we don’t know (and shouldn’t know) if Trump himself is being investigated. Investigations have to be semi-secret. My guess is that he personally isn’t. But the Trump campaign is being investigated: “I’ve been authorized by the Department of Justice to confirm that the FBI, as part of our counterintelligence mission, is investigating the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. That includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian… Read more »

1. Me too
2. Me too – (although Comey already confirmed about Trumps associates)
3. Agree – if it’s not already ongoing – again, Comey declined to confirm or deny if they’re investigating leaks
4. Agree, but for a whole host of reasons 🙂
5. Agree, but my guess is that it’s complicated….

So you’d continue the Trump/Russia investigation?

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