This week, we discussed Yates, Comey, and Flynn.  Three people who, like so many reality show contestants before them, were fired by Donald Trump.  Should we feel sorry for them?

Well, I don’t know. Yates is a hero to progressives.  She’ll be just fine.  Comey has conducted himself with dignity and will most likely be remembered as someone who tried to behave as honorably as possible in an impossible position.  Flynn?  Yeah, he’s screwed.

Putin’s not your buddy, boys and girls.  You may love him, but he doesn’t love you back and his money comes with problems.  However, this is the United States.  When you run afoul of your boss and your boss is the head of state for the entire country, you get a book deal.  In Russia, you die under totally coincidental but mysterious circumstances.

We’ve all had crappy jobs and I think most of us have experienced firing, layoffs, and ragequits.  By my count I’ve been fired from one job, ragequit three others, and been laid off from one.  In each case, I would say I was enriched by the experience but better off for leaving.

Whether or not you admire any of our contestants in this season of The Counterintelligence Apprentice, I’d like to think you can relate to this week’s themes.  Share some songs according to these topics:

  1. Spending More Time With Family: Songs about being fired, walking off the job, or simply getting out of the rat race.
  2. Exit Interview: Songs that in some way remind you of your least favorite bosses or workplaces.  Tell us what you really think.  Even better if you include a story with your selection.
  3. Disbanded: Musical acts who famously fired bandmates.
  4. A Case of the Mondays: Lamenting crappy circumstances in life, failed ambitions, crushed dreams, and laughably falling short of your unrealistic expectations.  Yes, motherfucker,  I would like fries with that.

Please share a song according to this week’s themes in the comments and it will be included in the embedded playlist below.  All are welcome to participate!

westvirginiarebel: Hard to top GnR as a #3.  Axl fired the entire rest of the original band.

Zurvan: Let’s explore your opportunities.

pfluffy: There are worse jobs, you know.

santino: The one profession on which I freely rain abuse without guilt.

Grendel: You get a two-fer.  The song is a #1 and the singer was famously fired from Metallica, making it a #3 as well.

kevinmkr:  Would be nice if we could take some more time off but…

mashav: Keep working to get up there, but you keep smacking into one of these.

spootyjim: This song was one I was listening to a lot when I was working as a bail bondsman (briefly).  The lines “rub your eyes from/no sleep this week” really stuck with me in terms of the sometimes 72 hour sessions I would have of staying up, working, and otherwise screwing around.  Plus there’s just the weirdness and boredom combined with the ambient threat of violence in the song that matched my screwy life at the time.

Anyway, my boss was a meth addict with all of the paranoia and lunacy that came with that particular form of drug abuse.  He was involved in a variety of shady activities, from cheating on his wife with his secretary to illicit dealings with meth manufacturers.  You know, great stuff for a general bail bond agent to be doing, right?

He predictably was running the business into the ground and kept getting our license suspended by not paying the forefeitures on people he’d bailed out who never showed up for court because fucking tweekers can’t manage any aspect of their lives for ten minutes at a time.  I’m sure he’d blown whatever he had taken in collateral on meth or weapons or some other ill shit.  When our license was suspended, I couldn’t work.  This happened a few times so I took part time work.  He bitched so much that I wasn’t always available during the times our business license wasn’t suspended that I had to quit my part time job.  Then the license got suspended again.  Because of course.

I could go on and on with stories about the guy.  He was often hilarious, but you really never knew what was coming next.  On one occasion, I was posting a bond for a young lady and had agreed to drive her home after getting her out.  You know, doing my job.  The boss called me and told me that he was in jail for unpaid tickets and he demanded that I drop what I was doing and come bond him out.  I was amazed.  I dropped the woman off at home and then went across town to get him.  When I showed up, one of my co-workers had already bonded him out.  The silly fucker had called every single one of his employees to come get him and said he would fire the last one to show up.

I had been the last one to show up and he was pissed that I hadn’t just ditched the defendant to come get him (I was the furthest from where he was and knew I’d have been last anyway), but he didn’t carry out the threat at that time.  A few weeks later though, he demanded I turn in my license so he could give all the work to one of the more senior employees.  Temporarily, of course.  I quit on the spot. A few hours later, he called and accused me of stealing from him.  I told him to go ahead and prosecute my ass if he believed that.  That was the last I heard from him.

A few years later, he went in with a group of guys and carried out some kind of home invasion/kidnapping scheme.  He’s (thankfully) in prison now.  So if you guys think your boss is bad, ask yourself if he’s “tweeker who’s fucking the secretary and installing hidden surveillance cameras all over the office because he thinks everyone is stealing from him” bad.  Meth is a hell of a drug.

Why did I tolerate it, you may ask?  Eh.  It paid well when our license wasn’t suspended.  I got 50% of the collected fee for any bond I wrote.  Additionally the hours were flexible, the work was easy, and it was often fun.

So….if you want a dedication of your own next week (I can’t guarantee a long-winded story from the Thrill Files), all you have to do is share a song!

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I imagine there’s a ton of country songs that would fit into #1. The first one that came to mind for me is Take This Job and Shove It –

The Gallagher brothers hated each other and ultimately disbanded –

In honour of Waters leaving Pink Floyd –


Disbanded: Musical acts who famously fired bandmates.

I will be SHOCKED if mashav doesn’t post a very specific thing I have in mind for this one…..


#4 — I’m a loser, baby…

Also, I will be unavailable for the next two DJ threads as I will be driving to Santino’s back yard on Tuesday to fly to a place that’s dangerously close to where a lot of people don’t like us.


Would you happen to be around for an extended layover?


And who doesn’t remember where they were when Barney left the Be Sharps?


Unfortunately, no. We drive in on the 17th, park and fly, and then return on the 28th, crash, and drive back home on the 29th. We’ll have babymkr with us and we’re expecting some major time zone change crabbiness. Although, saying that, there’s a chance we could meet up on the 29th for lunch or something, although I assume that the Memorial Day isn’t a thing in the land of maple leaves and you’ll be at work?


I will be at work on that Monday, and the airport is pretty far away for a lunch meeting. Let me know the next time you’re in the ‘hood.


are you thinking of Mr. Mashav? or did you want a TVC song? 😉


Are you sure it’s not a celebration of all things Ryan Leaf?


VERY good.


Probably fits with #2. Certainly fits for a ragequit song.

Take This Job and Shove It.

AWESOME pick for me Thrill, megadeth!

hmm firing stories?>
Only been fired once..
I , in a fit of anger, threw a 36 inch center disk at a guy at work, , and hit him with it. Yep the center disk for a ag wheel, threw it like a fucking frizz-be..
knocked him down did some damage i later found out. wass sent home for 2 days, then had a meeting with HR, fired my ass..

no shit….. fucking tweekers… and they dont even remember stealing it.

i got to honesty sing that one time at work, right to my boss the day i got laid off at teh foundry , when the plant was folding… about a week later i jogged by the plant, yes jogged, with a beer in my hand and waved tot eh suckers that were still there working.

working class hero yeah its fucking Green day /Lennon,but still this one gets to me some times,.


I was. But, c’mon — at this point, that particular one is tied to you and him forever due to marriage. You’re a VH girl now, whether you want to be or not. 🙂

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