As if discussing politics in the public sphere isn’t exhausting enough, it’s wrecking some people’s home lives too.  This according to some outfit called Wakefield Research.

Some 1,000 people from across the US were questioned during 12 to 18 April about relationships and politics. The stark results show that:

  • 10% of couples (and 22%) of millennials have ended relationships because of political disagreements
  • 22% of Americans know a couple relationship “has been negatively impacted specifically due to President Trump’s election”
  • 24% of Americans in a relationship say “they and their partner have disagreed or argued about politics more than ever” since Trump was elected
  • 33% of Americans (43% of millennials) who did not vote for Trump said they would consider divorcing their spouse if they did so

I can’t say any of this is applicable to my own experience, since Mrs Thrill and I long ago just decided to settle our political differences at the ballot box.  She voted Stein, I voted Trump and we just agree to disagree.  Every now and then we might discuss a policy issue, but it’s never hard to find areas of agreement.

We can argue, but I can’t say it’s any worse than it was during the Bush or Obama years nor is the current Administration resulting in a negative impact to our relationship.  I attribute this to the fact that we’re mature grown-ups instead of brittle, raving shitheads.

You see, the first thing I would observe on this survey’s results is that anyone who would dissolve a relationship over politics, particularly just for supporting a particular candidate, is probably mentally unfit for being in a relationship to begin with.

Relationships, marriage in particular, require a willingness to compromise.  If you can’t do that over politics, your relationship will certainly fall apart over more mundane topics.  Such as wet towels being left on the floor, jealousy, and the other contentious issues that arise in the first few years of any relationship.  If you would really be willing to get a divorce and break up your own family simply because your significant other voted for the orange candidate instead of the screechy one, please do civilization a favor and restrict your companionship needs to three or more cats.

Cats don’t argue and they can’t vote.  Anybody who can’t handle conflict or even the existence of differing opinions should restrict themselves to non-human company only.  It’s best for everyone.

I mean, James Carville and Mary Matalin have been married for almost 25 years.  It’s perfectly acceptable to breathe the same air as people who don’t think exactly the same as you on every topic, kids.


  1. True, but it’s a self-feeding circle. The MSM sees boosts in its ratings when it runs wildly deranged anti-Trump pieces like this.

    The more people who hate Trump so irrationally get validation from the MSM, the more they reward the MSM for running additional stories.

    I strongly encourage everyone to disengage from news completely every now and then. The 24 Hour News Warp is extremely damaging to the national psyche.

  2. It probably doesn’t help that Trump is the worst physical example of a president ever seen in a lifetime. even Bill Maher said he’d have donated to Romney against Trump, and that Bush Jr was a gentleman by comparison.

    I don’t get too triggered over him. He’s either going to be impeached or voted out after his first term, whichever comes first. What gets me the most triggered are the republican congress unwillingness to work for the American people. I understand they’re thinking to wring Trump like a sponge before the train comes completely off the rails (a good argument can be made Trump is completely unhinged already) and get some republican agenda items passed before he’s impeached. However, what grinds my gears about it is how they are so visibly working AGAINST their constituency with their policies.

    The silver lining is their days are numbered, but the blatant disdain for the people they serve is palp[able.

  3. I am not sure I would have divorced had my spouse voted for Trump, but I don’t think that’s the right question to ask. Something like voting for Trump does not (should not) come as a surprise if you know your SO at all well.
    I am fairly confident that I would have never married anyone capable of voting for Trump, because such a vote is symptomatic of several character traits which, for me, would have been deal-breakers to begin with. I am not even saying that these are necessarily objectively bad traits, just incompatible with dating me. The same way that I would have had hard time dating a vegetarian or a Cross-Fit fanatic, I would have had a hard time dating someone who is religiously conservative, anti-choice, pro-traditional gender roles, anti-immigrant, etc.

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