It’s hard to view the “Deep State’s” war with President Trump as anything other than an assassination-of-sorts, from my perspective.

I hate to use the term “Deep State” because it sounds more like a shadowy organization than what it probably is in reality: a collection of entrenched bureaucrats within the intelligence and law enforcement community who are all too happy to illicitly use their tools, knowledge, and connections to influence politics and possibly to undo the result of an election that they didn’t like.  But for the sake of simplicity, let’s call it that.

First thing’s first.  Let it be said that there are no good guys in this fight.  Trump was right to fire Comey, but wrong to attack him after the fact.  He’s never passed up an opportunity to attack the intelligence community or the FBI.  Nothing I say here should be taken as an indication that I’m out to defend Trump.  That aside, I do have some strong feelings about certain aspects of these scandals that I want to get off my chest.

It’s clear that this latest round of leaks, the classified laptop info to the Russian delegation and the Comey memo, came about as a revenge for Comey’s firing.  Deep State seems to feel that Comey was one of “theirs” and they’re out to settle the score.

I mean, the leaks had largely subsided well before that happened.  “They” took it as a declaration of war and they’re giving it back.

Trump is definitely on the defensive this week, but I don’t see him staying that way for long.  It’s hard to imagine that he didn’t see this coming after firing Comey, but it really is amazing how hard they’re coming at him.  Not only are the leaks coming, with more sure to follow, but the leakers are showing an almost kamikaze motivation.

The sources who leaked to the Washington Post are traitors.  Trump wasn’t motivated to damage national security by sharing intelligence with the Russians (whether or not it was appropriate).  The leakers were perfectly willing to do so to strike at Trump, at the very least.  At worst, their aim was to redirect foreign policy to their own objectives, away from the pro-Russia stance that Trump campaigned on.

I don’t see how that’s acceptable.  This is how officials behave during a coup.  If a bunch of Bush holdovers and loyalists in the intelligence community had done this to Obama, the media surely wouldn’t have abetted it.

Comey’s case is stranger to me.  If Comey thought that the president was trying to obstruct justice over Flynn, why did he just jot down some notes about it instead of alerting Congress?  He doesn’t even appear to have told McCabe, who bluntly said in recent testimony that the FBI hasn’t been obstructed at all in its investigation.

Why was Comey hanging on to that information instead of doing his duty and how did one of his former subordinates get his hands on the notes?  Comey was saving this for an eventuality like this, it seems.  The message that’s being sent is: if you come at us, we save the dirt we collect to use against you.

Again: that’s unacceptable.  That’s not their role and they are abusing what power they have.  The objective is to protect what turf they think is theirs, not serve the nation.  They’re traitors, not patriots.

While I’m on the topic of Comey’s memo, I’m not clear on how this qualifies as obstruction of justice.  As Ari Fleischer observed on Twitter, no Democrats called it obstruction of justice when President Obama called the IRS scandal imaginary or declared that Hillary Clinton hadn’t committed a crime while both of those investigations were still going on.  If that wasn’t obstruction, why should this case be any different?

Also, how is it that the FBI cleared Flynn in January and then Trump supposedly asked Comey to back off in February?  It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for Trump to twist Comey’s arm to end an investigation that was over.  Were they already probing the Russia Today payments at that time?  Because they weren’t investigating the Kislayek phone call by then.

Remains to be seen.  Anyway.  Back to it.

Congressional Republicans, as usual, are pissing their pants about this.  I haven’t seen them like this since the “pussy grab” video surfaced.  My guess is that they’ll come around when Trump regroups and comes back swinging.

In any event, the DC Republicans aren’t Trump’s defense.  His loyal supporters are.  They’re not breaking with him over this, which is telling.  They hate what they consider the Deep State to be (or “the swamp”) and they’re not going to let it slay their god without a fight.  They’re definitely not going to tolerate Republicans trying to file articles of impeachment in the House nor will any Republicans besides McCain vote to remove Trump for office.

To them, the TrumpRussia investigation and all these leaks are just an indicator of how afraid Deep State is of Trump.  They have Deep Hate for Deep State.  The media too and they distrust both with zeal.

Notably, the only time they started to waver and break a little bit was when Trump attacked Syria, which they saw as him selling out to Deep State. Whatever is destined to take Trump down is going to have to be something that betrays them.

They want Trump to fight back and he will, naturally.  Honestly, the worst thing he could do is back down and change direction because that’s when his supporters will abandon him.  He has no choice.  Anybody who wants to destroy him should be pushing him to become more establishment.  These incessant attacks actually strengthen his base, who see him as waging the good war and getting knifed in return.

Whatever the outcome, it will be Game of Thrones worthy in its suspense, drama, and surprise twists.  But that’s what we get for electing an entertainer to be president.  What we didn’t sign on for is a shadowy cabal using its entrusted resources behind anonymous leaks to destabilize the elected government.  I don’t think they’ll literally assassinate Trump like so much Joffrey and Littlefinger, but I’m growing less sure all the time.

I’m sure I’m in for a day of reading “But this is unprecedented!  Trump broke the law!  Impeachment, impeachment, IMPEACHMENT!”  That’s okay.  Say what you have to say.  Again, I come not to praise Trump but to criticize Deep State.

Do understand that even if Trump gets removed from office, Pence takes over and gets four years to fill the bureaucracy with his creatures.  The precedent is now being set that it’s good for them to actively work to thwart presidencies with which they disagree.  That genie isn’t going back in the bottle once you let it out.

Enjoy the show!

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Trump can be at both his best and worst when he is in fighting mode. On the one hand, he pulls no punches and tells his critics exactly what he thinks of them. On the other hand, he can sound petulant and thin-skinned. That’s what gives them their opening.

Judge Dredd, pro se

Even with all this out in the open now I doubt if there’s real legal grounds for impeachment. The revelation that comey made memos isn’t evidence of anything in court. It’s just something comey wrote down. I think trump is a despicable, horrible, self dealing narcissist but to impeach him there has to be a little more in the comey memos I’m afraid. From what I’ve read so much of this, if tried in court, would start off in the circumstantial evidence realm and depend largely upon trump taking the stand and screwing the pooch there to impeach himself. Trump… Read more »


I should have included the Kushner example with the Syrian strike, yeah. However, I don’t get the sense that they’ve abandoned him just yet over it.

His arrogance and inability to take advice, is gonna seriously make this worse.

There been a open calling congress for his impeachment, the ball is rolling,.

I might be wrong, but a FBI agents notes and opinions can/are considered solid evidence.

Judge Dredd, pro se

Maybe. In general people choose their side through thick an thin so it’s probably ubiquitous to say he’s got his fan base and they ain’t budging.

As a related aside, what do you think the over/under is that the comey memos get nullified over executive privilege? I’ve heard it tossed around in some of the legal circles I keep tabs on and it’s an interesting legal angle.

I’d have to imagine a private conversation with the president that directly pertains to his authority over your duties could be considered a privileged conversation.


If they are considered evidence for Obstruction, then Comey’s going to prison too.

Judge Dredd, pro se

How could it be taken any other way? If trump trying to obstruct the Flynn investigation is taken at face value, then comey certainly obstructed justice hanging onto his memos until his ass felt some heat.

Judge Dredd, pro se

I freely admit I’m treading into waters I know nothing about. However, unless comey was covertly investigating trump during their private conversations (which would make trump’s insistence that he wasn’t under investigation in comey’s firing letter make all the more sense) one would think a private conversation held in an office would be privileged. That would mean it can’t be entered as evidence in a court document or testimony.


Very interesting. I have to say this is the first I’ve heard of it. Not sure if it’s Trump’s best defense, but it sounds coherent.


How could it be taken any other way?

Uhh, Comey didn’t think it was a legitimate attempt at Obstruction? He wasn’t ordered to drop the investigation.

Regardless, this is all still hearsay. Neither Comey nor the Whitehouse have even confirmed the memo exists, or what it says.


Let’s not forget the Ryan “joke” tape. This shit moves too quick for me to keep up


…a president pence as a replacement is even more of a cunt punt than a president trump is. When history holds its trial to account for the Donald Trump presidency, Trump himself will be acquitted on grounds of madness. History will look at his behavior, his erratic and childish lying and his flamboyant ignorance of history itself and pronounce the man, like George III, a cuckoo for whom restraint, but not punishment, was necessary. Such will not be the case for Mike Pence, the toady vice president and the personification of much that has gone wrong in Washington. On any… Read more »

Judge Dredd, pro se

Clinton used it fourteen times to great effect, with the infamous ken star nullification during the Levi sky scandal being the odd man out. Bush used it six times including once to protect Karl rove and a meeting with energy executives around the time of the Iraq war.

Maybe trump doesn’t pull this Pokémon. Card yet but that’s not to say it isn’t used with more regularity than we realize. People might pay attention to executive privilege now that it involves trump but remember…… 14 times.

Let that sink in.


Obama used it to try to hide what really happened in the Fast & Furious scandal that resulted in the death of a Border Patrol agent, and who knows how many other people. A Federal Court had to overrule his asinine attempt at hiding these despicable acts.


Well, and the part about ‘we are all family, so we don’t talk about Fight club’ is pretty on the nose, too.

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