In my efforts to provide fresh, daily content on the most interesting current events to you guys, I’m afraid that I’ve overextended a bit.  We ended up with three active threads that all dealt with TrumpRussia and I’m having a bitch of a time tracking the conversations.

So I have taken the unusual step of locking the comments on Assassination by 1000 Cuts and Let’s Discuss Trump Giving Russians Classified Information.  Please, please, please keep the discussion going on the Trump Goes Full Special thread.

I did this to make it easier to discuss this topic without jumping from page-to-page, not to shut down any conversations that were going on with those threads.  Everybody is making fantastic points and I think this is one of the best all-points-of-view conversations going on about TrumpRussia anywhere in the blogosphere right now.

Also, I disabled comments for this post because I know that a couple of you are smartasses.

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