“What we once thought we had we didn’t / What we have now will never be that way again / So WE CALL UPON THE AUTHOR TO EXPLAIN!!!” Nick Cave

When I started thinking about this week’s DJ thread I thought about “perspective”, but I needed to broaden it a bit to include interpretation, reflection, changes, etc.  The main reason is the existence of enough songs for people to listen to and post.  When Thrill introduced the link to an article on winning an argument, the sexier buzzword “cognitive dissonance” had a better ring to it.

The untimely death of Chris Cornell also brings in the concept of “denial” to the mix for some of us.  I am older than Cornell.  As I write this sentence there is a “probably suicide”, but the reminder is there that none of is getting younger.  Eddie Vedder is the only major grungie frontman currently alive.

I spent this past weekend mostly without cell or wifi.  We had limited cell coverage at times but I got little to no news for close to three days.  Yes, it was very nice.  We got back to our car on Sunday afternoon and turned on satellite radio news and they were STILL TALKING ABOUT COMEY NONSTOP.  As tempting as the lively threads here have been, I have not publicly discussed it and I am taking a wait-and-see approach.   Why?

RVS has touched on the topics of perspective and changes in one’s opinions and attitudes based on new events or experiences.  We looked at cognitive dissonance a bit this week as we all struggle to sort through the weeks’ events that seem to be flying at us at breakneck speed.  At the end of it all not much has really changed.  Where we sit is where we stand.  Still.  Our pre-conceived notions/opinions still largely dictate how we look at the news of the day.  I mean this in broad sense and not RVS.  I have a family function this weekend and I will be a deaf mute if politics comes up.  One day I will finally have enough information to condemn Trump form an objective opinion on these past weeks’ news.

TLDR: Even as I am mortified at the news of Russia, Comey, Trump revealing intel to a foreign contingency on an ad hoc basis, I KNOW I would take a wait-and-see approach back when Obama was in office.  I KNOW it.  I would also easily come up with all of the counter arguments that I have read on the threads here.  As for Hillary, well I wouldn’t have been as gracious since her VP pick was pretty much benign and much less divisive.  What was his name again?

Yesterday special counsel was selected to investigate the Comey letter.  I will accept whatever comes of it unless it goes off the rails somehow.  Yea, I gave myself an out, but potential shenanigans have all been discussed on the threads here.

So, let’s explore it in song:

  • Double Entendre – Songs about more than one thing or having more than one interpretation. If you are feeling ambitious give us a pair of songs that compliment, mirror or reflect each other somehow.
  • We Call Upon the Author – Songs about perspective, reflection and explanation.
  • Cognitive Dissonance – Sometimes you like the music but find the artist personally repugnant.  Give us songs that you like by artists that you personally dislike.  Or just songs you hate.
  • Snowflake City – Don’t like to reflect? Trump pissing in your breakfast cereal got you feeling vulnerable?  Need a safe space?  Play safe songs with no meaning, evil or benign.  Maybe your kids could suggest something.

Alternatively, play your favorite Chris Cornell songs and tell us what he may or may not have meant to you.  Alice in Chains has always been my favorite, but Cornell had a voice unmatched in rock.  Some reports credit him with a four octave range.  Decades of screeching took its toll but he was still performing to the day he died.

I saw Soundgarden twice in concert.  The show at the Atlanta Underground for the Olympics was one of my favorites.  We were about 25 feet away.  I tried to hook a couple of friends up and it was a disaster (she had to provide us a ride home cause we were shitfaced) but the band was in top form playing on the street.  She never talked to me again.  I miss the 90’s.

Here are the dedications for last week’s participants:

Thrill – These guys were at the festival this weekend.  Really cool band live, but not quite as good recorded. Song has absolutely no meaning.

Kevin – Which is it?  I am not particularly fond of this song, but it was wildly popular back in the day.

mashav – Obvious double entendre for you.

Santino – Opposing pair of songs about the weather or depression.  Up to you.

Zurvan – Great song by a total asshole (my opinion).  Let me know if you love the guy!

westvirginiarebel – I loved this song in the 80’s but not as much the band.  Great reflection theme, though.

Grendel – Try not to shout along.  Another obvious double entendre and arguably little meaning.

Mandatory Bush this week.

If you want your own dedication next week, share a song.


  1. Grendel – Try not to shout along. Another obvious double entendre and arguably little meaning.

    Damn! That was the first song that popped in my head when I saw the double entendre category. I’ll go with Paradise by the Dashboard Light, which is more than a double entendre but Phil Rizzuto’s baseball metaphor fits the category.

    Santino – Opposing pair of songs about the weather or depression. Up to you.

    I love Natalie Merchant, thanks for that!

    We call upon the author – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92XVwY54h5k
    Snowflake city – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJLIiF15wjQ
    Cognitive Dissonance – I can’t stand Bruce Springsteen or Bryan Adams

  2. Well, I guess I should apologize to everyone. A couple of weeks ago, I called Superunknown my all-time favorite album and now Chris Cornell is gone. Those of you who used to follow me on Facebook might remember when I predicted Gene Wilder’s death last year.

    Ahhhh….this sucks. I’m not horribly broken up over Cornell’s untimely demise. I think it’s when Prince died last year that something broke inside me. We only seem to lose the good ones.

    All that said, Soundgarden was the soundtrack of my late teenage years and as pfluffy says, he was the greatest voice in rock at that time. I have so many happy memories of driving around around with my friends, blasting Rusty Cage and screaming at passers-by on the sidewalk.

    So I’ll start off with my safe space. I can never hear My Wave without cheering up a bit.


    That’s better.

    Now a double-entendre. Just hold my hand while I come…..to a decision on it.


    Cognitive Dissonance: I think it was last week I mentioned that I hate Madonna and all she stands for, but there is a short list of songs by her I like. What better song than the one from which the DJ threads derive their name?


    And now for some reflection. Say “hi” to heaven.


  3. I’m going to dip my toes into the Cognitive Dissonance category and say that while Henry Rollins seems like he’d be cool as hell to hang out with, I couldn’t disagree with his politics any more. Black Flag – My War (Live)

    Soundgarden was a part of the soundtrack of my formative years, but I came to grunge pretty late. All I can say is that he did indeed break his rusty cage this week – for better or worse. Soundgarden – Rusty Cage

  4. Another from “we call upon the author.” Soundgarden was the more essential band for me, with regard to Cornell, but I do feel like he may have been at his prime when he made this album. This one and “I Am the Highway” stun me everytime.

    Staring at the loss
    Looking for a cause
    And never really sure
    Nothing but a hole
    To live without a soul
    And nothing to be learned


  5. Black Flag – My War (Live)

    According to YouTube that was filmed in London, Ontario. My home town! 🙂

  6. Playlist is looking good! I did think of you Santino for 10,000 maniacs. I love Merchant’s voice.

    Thrill, I was 18 when Madonna hit the airwaves. All I could do is stare at her and wonder why I couldn’t be that cool and dress like a bag lady and look sexy at the same time.


    Shit just got weird after she became famous.

    This is my favorite Audioslave and it fits the call upon the author theme.


    Santino, I like Rage, too. Their politics are too in your face but if they would tone it down I might not disagree too much.


  7. I remember when Paul Ryan mentioned during the 2012 campaign that RATM was his favorite band. I think their heads exploded.

  8. Zurvan – Great song by a total asshole (my opinion). Let me know if you love the guy!

    I’m more of a fan of some of his politics than I am his music. Musically I think he sucks.

    Give us songs that you like by artists that you personally dislike.

    So many liberal idiots/choices.

    Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA

    If you are feeling ambitious give us a pair of songs that compliment, mirror or reflect each other somehow.

    Roar & Brave You can even smash them together.

  9. I’m more of a fan of some of his politics than I am his music. Musically I think he sucks.

    Hah! Fair enough.

    For me it is opposite with Springsteen. Never like his music much though I recognize the talent.

  10. For me it is opposite with Springsteen. Never like his music much though I recognize the talent.

    I’m not a big fan of his music either, but he deserved the tribute.

  11. Pretty funny. When I was taking the kids to get donuts this morning (our Friday ritual), Thrill Jr requested that I play this song on the car stereo.

    It didn’t occur to me until later that it perfectly defines the problem with cognitive dissonance. “When you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer”:


  12. Whaaaa? In which of all possible universes does Stranglehold not give even God Himself a rock n roll hard on?

    In the same universe that Nirvana was ever popular.

  13. Jesus, I had forgotten until I listened to it just now that he used an auto-tune. WTF. Way to screw up your best song, bro.

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