We all had tons of fun last week with the absolutely frenetic pace of Trump Dumps.  It wasn’t my plan at the start of the week, but that was like three weeks of scandal news condensed into three days.

Now let’s talk about what we missed.  It’s an open thread, sure, but I have a wicked case of Trump fatigue this weekend.  What do you have that’s non-Trumpy?

The Worst US Special Operations Disasters.

But in those three days (during the Grenada invasion), U.S. special operators ran into a host of problems. Insufficient appreciation of the weather led to the drowning of four Navy SEALs on the night of October 23; an air assault on Richmond Hill prison faced unexpected fire from antiaircraft batteries, after a delay left the Black Hawk helicopters flying in daylight; an effort to seize an empty barracks on October 27 led to the crash of three helicopters and the death of three Rangers.

All in all, thirteen of the nineteen U.S. dead from the Grenada invasion were special operators.

Bush’s paintings of Iraq War veterans are actually just a reason we should remember that he’s a very bad man who hated brown people.  How foolish of you to think that his image was being rehabilitated!

April was a good month for employment in most states, according to the BLS.  Good to see the unemployment rate rising in Washington, DC.  Let’s keep that going.

Anybody else looking forward to the Twin Peaks reprise?  Even better question: does anyone remember seeing Fire Walk With Me?  I’m planning to rewatch it at some point.  Totally forgot David Bowie was in it.

GQ has a review of Train to Busan, a South Korean zombie movie.  I’m torn.  I’ve fallen in love with South Korean cinema in recent years.  If you’ve never seen The Good, the Bad, the Weird on Netflix, you really should.  It’ll make for a fun afternoon.

On the other hand, I’ve felt like zombie-themed stuff has been played out for a couple of years now.  I’ve been studiously avoiding all of them.  Vampires of the non-Stephanie Meyer variety are still cool though.  I’ve had Stakeland 2 on my queue for a week or so now.

Maybe I’ll break my embargo of zombies and give Train to Busan a try.  If I do, I’ll likely hold off until October, when I binge watch horror movies.

Sleep deprivation leads to obesity, according to researchers.  I believe it.  I got sick back in January and I suspect it had a lot to do with me deviating from my normal fitness routine and sleep schedule during Christmas vacation.

What’s interesting to me is that everything is so interconnected when it comes to health.  If I don’t sleep right then I don’t have the energy to exercise the next day.  Worse, when I’m up late, I snack.  Then in the morning, I don’t have time to make and eat a big breakfast (for some reason, I have to eat a lot in the morning or I don’t lose weight).  I did enough to keep my weight stable up until March, but I could’t get my sleep schedule right.

The insomnia started taking its toll.  By mid-April, I was operating on about four to five hours of sleep a night and had gained a whopping 16 pounds.  I’m getting it back under control, finally, and sleeping regularly.

However, when I’m getting plenty of exercise, it’s much easier to fall asleep at night.  From there, everything starts working right again from a fat-control perspective.  It really does start with sleep, as far as I’m concerned.

What the hell is going on with Turkish people?

What do you have to offer to this Safe Space from Trump News?  We’ll get back to Trump Talk tomorrow, have no doubt.


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i have noticed that if i do not get enough sleep i tend to gain weight. also have noticed that when I, and both my boys sleep we sweat profusly.. our body temps spike,and i assume that we burn a lot of calories , just sleeping..

As for the Turks, there seem to be a lot of Agitation going on there.


I don’t sweat much but Mrs Thrill has claimed that both Junior and I are like human radiators at night. I tend to lose about three to four pounds from the time I go to bed to waking up.

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