As your resident Brit, I thought I’d write the thread about what happened, and is happening in Manchester.

It’s early, and there’s only a few things we know right now

Last night, at the end of an Ariana Grande concert, an explosion killed at least 19 people and injured around 50.

Police are treating it as a terrorist incident, and it looks like its the work of a suicide bomber.

That’s all we know.

If I can get personal for a moment, being on literally the other side of the world while my home country is attacked is an awful feeling. I was on the scene on 7/7 – my office was on Russell Square – I heard a really low pitched boom and went outside to see half a bus, and my office covered in blood. I ran to help, but what the fuck do you do? It happened right outside the building of the HQ of the British Medical Association, where one of my friends worked, and they sprang into action. But as a 23 year old comms guy, there wasn’t much I could do. I think I gave someone my coat.

Everyone in London walked home. Over the bridges, along the tube lines. A huge migration out of central London. Crowds of people. I met my best mate Dave in the pub – and I asked him if he’d heard who did this. He said it was “Some unspeakable cunts”. That about nailed it. Dave has a way with words.

So that’s what Manchester is dealing with right now. So on this thread we can watch the developments, argue about whether we’re saying ‘Islam’ enough, about who is politicising the event and which headlines are accurate. But we can all come together and agree – whether this was ISIS, ALQ or a lone nut job – it’s another attack by “some unspeakable cunts.”

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22 being reported dead as of this morning. Unspeakable cunts.

To top it off, Sir Roger Moore is dead as well…I don’t think he was at the concert thought.



It was apparently this cunt:

RIP Roger Moore…people criticized his Bond but he was a product of the Seventies.

I’m disappointed that Ariana Grande has canceled her tour. That’s a mistake.

I get that she’s traumatized, but she has a wonderful chance here to show courage and defiance and throw it right back in those despicable cunts’ faces.


This one pisses me off more than most because kids go to Ariana Grande’s concerts. The youngest victim is 8. This is a new level of unspeakable cuntness.


Definitely an unspeakable cunt. My wife also heard the bomb explode in Tavistock Square from her office, and I travelled through the Kings Cross station on the tube 25 minutes before the bombs started going off. Took for 3.5 hours to walk home from Brixton later that day (and yeah, like you Cress, I met up with others at our local pub). I confirm that sense of community and togetherness as thousands and thousands walked down the middle of streets across London – it was quite overwhelming. I actually agree with Trump here – these people are losers. Complete losers.… Read more »

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