Ariana Grande appears to have canceled her European tour following the Manchester Arena attack this week.  I’m sorry to hear that.  Not because I like her music.  I don’t, but I would have liked to see her send a message by continuing her tour undaunted.  “Keep Calm and Carry On”, you know?

I suppose I could make a nasty comment about this sort of retreat in the face of adversity being typical of the Generation Snowflake, but seeing as how another one of the brightest musical stars of my youth just killed himself I probably should shut up.

Honestly, it’s hard to blame Grande and the other musicians who have canceled shows in the UK this month.  As a parent, I’d be reluctant to let my own kids attend a concert if I thought there was even 1% chance that some radical Islamist losers were going to try to pull something like this.

Ah, well.  Those poor, poor kids.

Let’s show that we care about our pop divas and their fans this week.  The themes are these:

  1. Teenage Dream: Female pop stars of any era.  The less they write their own music, play any instruments, or even sing live, the better.  Release the Britney’s.
  2. I Can’t Even: Alright, if you can’t play any of that crap, at least dig up some good covers of songs previously performed by one of the above.  Alternately, you could do a pop diva covering someone else’s song.  I don’t care.
  3. #PrayForManchester: This is Memorial Day Weekend.  Even though it’s an American holiday, feel free to share an appropriate song to the memory of the victims and their families.

Simple enough, right?  All are welcome to participate.  If you’re in, just post a song that’s relevant to the theme in the comments.  As the day goes on, it will be added to the embedded playlist.

Santino: Appropriately retro.  Take me to the mall.

spootyjim: This is startlingly competently done.

westvirginiarebel: I want to say this is a bit before Ol’ Firecrotch started behaving like Izzy Stradlin in public.

pfluffy: You get what I consider to be a good one, since you’ve done some heavy lifting by helping out with these DJ posts.  I’ve always had a soft spot for Paula.

Zurvan: I unashamedly admit that I love this one.  That woman can do wrong in my eyes.

mashav: You get a safe, nice one.  I sometimes watch her early stuff and just say to the screen, “Stay away from Bobby and keep your lips off the damn pipe, 80’s Whitney!”

Grendel: And now, Babymetal!  No, wait, we’ve done that.  Here’s this instead.

Obviously, I don’t listen to any of the newer stuff in this genre.  Thrilla wouldn’t touch a Ariana Grande CD unless she was planning to take a dump on it, so I’m spared that noise.

Want a dedication of your own next week?  You have to participate this week.


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