What does it mean?

Mainstream Democrats: “What an idiot.  Go to bed, old man.”

Mainstream Republicans: “I have no idea how that Twitter thing works or what hashtags are even for.  Leave me alone.”

Trump supporter: “It’s 4-D chess.  He’s making up words just to watch the media go crazy!  Ha, ha!”

Left wing conspiracy nut: “It’s a code word to Putin to start World War 3 because Mueller is closing in on collusion.  Get in the basement”.

Right wing conspiracy nut: “I heard on InfoWars that he’s summoning the demon by name who granted him his wealth and power.  Get in the bunker.”

Me: “I think he meant to type “press coverage” and made a typo then accidentally sent the tweet instead of deleting it.  Then he just decided to leave it and let everyone have a laugh because he was going to catch hell no matter what.”

Whatever it is, I’m sure it will make for a fine entry in the Urban Dictionary when we figure it out.

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