I’m really not surprised that Kathy Griffin posed for a photo symbolizing an Islamic extremist beheading of President Trump.  What did surprise me was that she apologized and CNN fired her; and it all happened so quickly.  No, I’m not going to post the photo here.  It exceeds even my standards of bad taste.

Sorry to say, I like hearing the histrionics in Hollywood and elsewhere on the Left keep screaming for Trump’s impeachment.  The reason for that is that when it becomes obvious that Trump isn’t going anywhere until at least 2021, I’m worried that the rhetoric is going to turn more violent.  Worse, I think the fantasy expressed by Griffin’s photo is a pretty common sentiment in the extremely influential circles she hangs out it.

That’s why I’m not surprised it happened, only that it was punished.

Yeah, I know some of you are going to bring up all the times Obama was hanged in effigy by people who hated him.  To that, I have two things to say in response.  First, I think that’s wrong too.  I gladly denounce it.  The second thing is that the people doing that in Obama’s case were nobodies.  Fringe protester types.  Not mainstream media celebrities who people know and listen to.  People like Griffin.

This is stupidly dangerous.  CNN deserves praise for pulling the trigger on Griffin.   It was a decision made all the more bold contrasted with the incessantly coverage they’ve given Trump since the election.  I respect them for that.  It sends a message to those in the news and entertainment media that no matter how they feel about Trump, there is a line and they’ll harm their own careers if they cross it.

The last thing I’m going to do is tell anyone who identifies as anti-Trump that they have to be nice about him.  Still, I hope you guys don’t let your anger get out of hand either.  Not that I think anyone reading this really wants to cut Trump’s head off, but I also don’t want you to think that Trump getting killed would be a good thing.  Even if you only wish it in your most secret heart of hearts.

And I know that there are some progressives who feel this way because I saw how celebratory some of you behaved when Scalia died.  It was disturbing, honestly.

Were Trump assassinated, it would tear this country apart like nothing we’ve seen in our lifetimes.  If you think many on the Right are crazy and violent now, just watch what happens if Trump is harmed.  The Deep State conspiracy theories combined with the mass media’s pure hatred of the man and the fact that there would be Democrats openly celebrating would certainly result in reciprocal violence.  I don’t know how widespread or organized, but it would come and it would be nasty.

Seriously: don’t tolerate inducements for or the normalization of political violence.   CNN doesn’t.  Be like CNN.

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I confess to giggling over the covfefe nonsense as a distraction from the other nonsense going on. Some of the memes are pretty funny. If it is possible, and I am not suggesting that it is, Trump may just be having some fun with it. I hope so, the man needs some mirth in his life about now.


Yeah, I think he goofed and he’s just letting the world laugh with at him. I agree that it’s a good distraction and imagine he does too.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Poor guy. For such the gentle and courteous person he is he shouldn’t have to suffer this kind of rude and tasteless reaction to him.

The suffering Melania and Barron must be enduring within the walls of elite private schools and the country clubs they own.

She probably won’t be fired for long. This is the most publicity she’s had in years.

Meanwhile, it’s official-liberal heads are exploding over the Paris agreement pullout.


I figured it was the name of the 57th state that Obama spoke about.


I have to agree. She handled it properly with a quick, sincere apology instead of dragging it out and leaving with a “sorry if you were offended” spiel.

Fantastic PR response, really.


For the record, I have not seen a single person I know defend what she did or question the CNN firing. There are some posts about how it’s tasteless, but legal (i.e. she should not go to jail for it) and how Trump invoking his kids is bs, but even with that being said, anyone who’s posted about it agrees that she crossed a line.

Disagree on Barron. At 11 my son would have been quite stressed to see such images of his father. Melania I have less sympathy for. She is the architect of her situation to some extent and the press has been pretty lenient on her, fawning over how “classy” she looks.

The left will self correct if they need to. MSNBC fired Martin Bashir for his ridiculous comments about Sarah Palin. This Kathy Griffin thing is a bit of a wakeup call.

LOL obviously got this in the wrong thread.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

I doubt the news reaches many call of duty pub lobbies, but I suppose you’re right. He didn’t ask for any of this.

I don’t think I would’ve brought him into it as his father but there’s no manual for parenting.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

I find it hard to muster any empathy over this, pro or con. This is fake outrage vs. soulless pr stunt. It’s about as vacuous as snoop dogg’s attention whoring over the same thing.


The left will self correct if they need to.

At least temporarily. Many people (on the left) still look to Dan Rather as a stalwart defender of truth, despite his problem with typewriters. And Brian Williams is still employed at (MS)NBC.


She’s such an idiot. Admitting that she went after an 11 year old.

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