Illinois. As a state they are just a step behind California in debt and corruption. And is now at a bit over 2 years without a budget. Because of its debt, the state’s bond rating has been dropped to just above “junk” by Moodys.

This shit. The Day of Absence/Whites Free day on evergreen campus. What the living hell is this? First off they decide to change the day of absence, a day where the Black students leave to show solidarity or something, to a day with no white people allowed on campus. To make matters even worse, a few of the staff decided not to leave and were hounded by activists on  campus. Then it went downhill from there. Demands, aggression, hate, chaos… demands of censorship. As Heinlein called it, welcome to the “Crazy Times”.

California lawmakers….I really should not have to say more….but, the state Senate has decided to reduce the offense of knowingly infecting someone with HIV/AID from a felony to misdemeanor.

It seems that the New York Times has outed the  C.I.A.’s chief of of Anti-Iran operations, and are quite proud of it.

Paul Allen, the other brain behind Microsoft, has revealed his new creation: the Stratolauncher, a twin boom aircraft intended to be used to launch rockets to low earth orbit.

SNOW in June, in Moscow! It must be some kind of message from Gaia!

Growing evidence seems to indicate, that for the last 60 or so years, not only was food  and diet advice wrong, it was an out right lie. Science manipulated to produce a result that favors one set of lobbyist desires. Hmm.


  1. I have long thought that the conventional thinking on nutrition had a lot of holes in it. The one time I tried a low-fat diet I felt like shit and my skin was like paper.

  2. So, the diet thing isn’t completely wrong or right. It identifies the huge culprit to our obesity rates, which is sugar. It also goes on two talk about the three main macronutrients protein, fats, and carbohydrate energy.

    What carbohydrate energy does that the other two don’t is process quickly and change the body’s metabolic chemistry from burning fat as a primary response to stressful overload to simply preserving the fat content in stores and encouraging the body to find more sources of carbohydrate energy to meet the metabolic needs (i.e. Hunger).

    If you’ve ever noticed yourself on a diet and your body composition isn’t changing despite your calorie restriction and instant hunger that is the dynamic happening. Your body will burn the muscle first and cling to the fat stores for dear life.

    Plainly speaking, you burn x amount of calories in a day based on genetic and environmental factors. Let’s say 2000 to be fair. It takes 3000 calories to generate one pound of weight gain. So, if you do the math, if you eat 2100 calories a day, in a month you will have gained a pound.

    If you eat 1900 a day, conversely you will lose a pound in that month. What the article doesn’t talk about are how to manipulate macro nutrients so that you become wolverine and not pee wee Herman while dieting.

    In bro science terms you aren’t “dieting” so much as you are “cutting” or trying to keep all you Le lean muscle mass while shaving off the moobs and belly. That macronutrients formula calls for almost all abstinence from carbohydrates except for complex carbs like sweet potatoes and green vegetable (yes, veggies are a carbohydrate. Then, you eat a gram of lean protein for every pound of lean muscle mass. If you’re 180 lbs of muscle you eat 180g of lean protein a day.

    Sure, a burger could be 100 grams of protein by itself but it’s also too many carbs and through fat content very high in calories. You need to get the other 80 grams without hitting your macro ceiling of 2k calories.

    Sound complicated? It is. If you look up Dwayne johnson’s diet for training for roles you’ll see just how measured it all is. He needs like 250 grams of protein a day so you’ll see lots of fish in his meal plan (low calorie, high protein).

    It would be dishonest to say that instead of a snackwell brownie you should eat six slices of bacon. Consider fat distilled calories. Fat converts to fat almost immediately and you’ll be doing the truffle shuffle in weeks if you think this is a diet plan. Fat satiates hunger faster, so the scientists are no doubt counting on that as opposed to you wolfing a bag of non-fat brownies because they aren’t filling.

    From 30k feet the article has merit. I think it still needs to bear that caveat that overeating (eating beyond your daily macro calorie limit) will make you gain weight. The converse is also true, in almost any form you do it.

    I had a personal trainer tell me once that a great diet is simply controlled starvation, and no matter what’s on the menu Rene ee there were no fat people in auschwitz (meaning calorie restriction is the ultimate arbiter of weight loss).

    Volumizing food while keeping your macro calorie level below the ceiling is where it’s at. It makes you full and you can lose weight. Of course, saying a bag of spinach go dinner with 8 oz of chicken doesn’t sound as sexy as telling someone they can eat specially formulated cereal bars.

  3. I think we were healthier when we were “unhealthy.”

    So Teresa May is now blaming the Internet for allowing terrorists to use it? What about the rest of us who might want to voice an opinion?

    Rather than do what they were elected to do, Republicans seem more interested in wasting our time and money, again.

    Who says Canadians aren’t badass?

    What is the deal with Qatar?

    And another Deep Blue state literally runs out of people to tax.

  4. I concur with this. It’s pretty close to what I’ve been doing since mid-April to get back on track. It’s been a good, steady, and gradual 2lb/week average loss.

    For me, the bitch is getting enough protein. I’ve been falling about 70g short most days. I’ve been mulling using a protein shake but I hate those things.

  5. jsut today i , am attempting to try this fast,ing thing my buddy has been doing, see if that works for me…

  6. Qatar? . i think the Saudis Egypt and others decided to call them out for supporting ISIS.,.. which is funny since the Sauds. through various channels are supporting them too.or were.

  7. the tornado,, pfth.. try driving up on one as it demolishes a house… been there done that, and no im not gonna do it again.

  8. yeah, in that way the article is reckless. The way its written I feel like a layman might interpret it to mean “holy shit, a wheel of brie and a Big Mac for dinner! Im on a diet!” Even one sentence about calculating your macros would have been a little more responsible. Oh well, maybe it will guilt people out of a bag of toll house.

    I use egg whites instead of shakes, btw. 250 cal for 50 grams of protein. It beats any shake on the market.

  9. I am not a fan of this without a counselor and supervision. If you’re going to do it I’d suggest one called “intermittent fasting diet”. At least that way you fast like 16 on/8 off and won’t collapse at work.

  10. I recommend you read everything this guy has posted. Every single post. He’s an invaluable resource.

    Start with this. You’ll save a lot of time and heartache by doing it right from the beginning.

  11. And yet we aren’t waiting for 100% PROOF! before accepting it and planning/designing accordingly.

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