The news story I’m most interested in for this week hasn’t happened yet: Comey’s testimony before Congress.  Since we can’t discuss the current Administration’s scandal du jour at this time, let’s discuss the continued haggling over one of Bush’s old ones.

Congressional officials said on Friday that the administration had begun returning to Congress copies of a 6,700-page Senate report from 2014 about the C.I.A. (enhanced interrogation technique or “torture”) program. The move raises the possibility that most of the copies could be locked in Senate vaults indefinitely or even destroyed — and increases the risk that future government officials, unable to read the report, will never learn its lessons.

Ah, memories.  I remember arguing about this policy with some of you in the last decade.  Such simpler times.

Knowing what my attitude was on this policy (I approved of it, basically), it might surprise you to find that I’m perfectly okay with the full report being made available to the public.  We already know that waterboarding, sleep deprivation, stress positions, and other techniques were used against detainees.  What happens if the full details of the program and its methods eventually become fully declassified? Are we going to know it…harder…or something?

The argument that the full report becoming public would increase the likelihood of terrorist attacks against us doesn’t hold up with me either.  No matter what, radical Islamists will always find a reason.  If there’s a story to be told in this report that we can all be wiser for, then let it be told.

Honestly, I think that the intelligence and military related committee members from both parties are keeping the report under wraps because they don’t want everyone to know the full extent of what they knew and allowed.  Note too that the intelligence community, which apparently utterly sucks at keeping secrets, hasn’t managed to leak this report.

Let’s not kid ourselves that this report is being suppressed for anything other than political ass-covering reasons.  Nothing more.

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In somewhat related Comey news, Trump has apparently made his new FBI pick:

Also, there was an ISIS attack on the Iranian parliament, and they’re blaming Saudi Arabia. So does this mean we support ISIS against Iran now?


Netanyahu said it best: when it’s the Islamic Republic vs the Islamic State, the enemy of your enemy is your enemy.

We should carry on hating them both and letting them bleed each other for a few years.

Let them fight.

i am pretty sure this will remain ….undisclosed until a few of the principal participants are long dead.

anyone want to take bets that Comeys testimony tomorrow will turn out to be a big nothing burger?


anyone want to take bets that Comeys testimony tomorrow will turn out to be a big nothing burger?

Also taking bets that the media will try to make a big deal out of anything he says anyway.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Yeah, I’m beginning to think the dream of impeaching trump with comedy’s testimony might just be trump is not a conniving politician and is only guilty of not knowing how to be a snake.

Drudge’s current headline is that comedy’s testimony proves why he was fired and CNN seems to be reporting the same thing but in reverse. However, I can’t decide if the truth is in the middle or if this where the democrats blew their wad too quick and bought republicans more street cred.

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