I feel the need to publicly declare it: I’m no longer watching Doctor Who.  Admittedly, I was late getting into the show having only started watching in 2011.  Maybe I wasn’t sufficiently invested to begin with, I don’t know.

Of the current series, I only watched the first episode and that was over a week ago.  After it was over, my response was akin to, “Eh, whatever.”  I’m not going to get all detailed about my problems with the show in the past few years beyond saying I just don’t think the stories have been very interesting and I’ve found it more and more difficult to care about any of the characters.

Yeah, I guess there have been some complaints about how much the show caters to SJW sensibilities, but it’s never bugged me before.  Although I will admit that I probably would’ve quit anyway when (not if) they finally decide to have the Doctor be a female for a series or two.  That would be a bridge too far.

But no, I’m just not interested anymore.

It’s a sad experience for me, as a sci-fi nerd, whenever I depart a fandom.  It’s not something I do lightly either.  The most beloved multiverse of my life is the Transformers.  To get an idea of how loyal I am to that franchise, understand that I paid to see each of those horrible Michael Bay movies in the theatre.  This is from a guy who only goes to the movies maybe once or twice a year.  After the last one (I can’t even remember what the fuck it was called now), I firmly decided that I was done with that series.

They’re so terrible that I have never even re-watched any one of them.   Somebody bought me one of them for Christmas one year and I eventually donated it to a thrift store after letting it sit on a shelf for several months with the plastic still on it.  Thankfully, I can still watch Transformers: Prime on Netflix.  Or Transformers: Netflix on Prime.  Whatever it is.

One show that I came really close to quitting, decided not to, and then ultimately wished I had was the 2004 Battlestar Galactica.  It was great for the first two seasons but there was a sense that something was going wrong early in the third.  I stuck with it because I really liked all of the characters and I wanted to see what was going to happen to them.  My loyalty was not rewarded in the end.  That finale…sheesh.  Sloppy and rushed story.  Crap.

Ever since then, I’ve been far less hesitant to quit a fandom when it’s become a waste of time.  Well, I should say: “when it’s become a bigger waste of time than something else I could be wasting my time on.”  Other series I’ve abandoned include Terminator (didn’t even bother watching the third movie because Judgment Day was good enough) and Aliens (gave up halfway through the third movie and never looked back).

It makes me sad to know that Star Wars is eventually going to reach that same tired point.  The signs are already there.  Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll make it through Episode 9.  But there’s a good chance I’ll start skipping the “standalone” movies like Rogue One and the dozens of origin stories and all that Disney is lining up.

Anybody else have any fandom departures to share?  Let’s call this Fanboys & Fangirls Anonymous.  Tell me how and why you ended your abusive relationship with a particular film/comic/television show/book series/etc series that you soured on.


  1. Heroes. Wasn’t good to begin with but *hinted* that it could be. Ultimately just ended up catering to tweens. I made it about 2 seasons and then hung it up.

  2. I’ll take it a different track, since you said, “etc.”.

    Zelda. I loved Zelda, from the original on the NES, through to the Ocarina of Time on the N64. I played every iteration, and loved them all…even the ones that sucked. I spent countless hours figuring out all of the puzzles in the Temples, and quirks of the games…hours and hours.

    Why did I give up on the franchise? Frustration. I spent the better part of four weeks trying to beat the Shadow Temple in Ocarina of Time. Four damn weeks. Every time you die in the temples you start over at the beginning of said temple. So very frustrating, because that temple killed me…a lot. So finally after almost a month, I finally made it to the big boss at the end, Bongo Bongo – a big giant shadowy guy where all you see are his hands and eye. You fight him on a big drum that he hits, and bounces you up and down on. Well, the first time I landed on his drum, he promptly hit it, causing me to fly up in the air, then he clapped his giant hands together similar to how you swat a mosquito. RIP Link, and RIP my love for that damn game. I turned it off, and have never turned it on again, or played any other new Zelda since then.

    I still play the original NES version from time to time. It rocks.

    Book Series I quit…

    The Wheel of Time, made it through I think 5 books out of 14. It just got too long winded. So I read the synopsis on Wikipedia, and I’m happy I didn’t take the time to finish all 14.

    Game of Thrones. Just when you start rooting for a character, Martin kills them off. Asshole. That and he’s the slowest damn writer in history. I gave up on the books after waiting for a Storm of Crows. and then being totally dissatisfied with it. I don’t watch the HBO show.

    Orson Scott Card’s Ender series. He just got really, really weird.

    Lord of the Rings…anything. I can’t stand his writing style. I think I made it about 50 pages into the Hobbit before giving up.

    Book Series I wish I’d given up on…

    Harry Potter. Ok story, she’s a terrible author.

    Orson Scott Card’s Mithermages Trilogy – completely unsatisfying ending.

    Movie Series that I gave up on…

    Harry Potter. After the original actor playing Dumbledore died, Sir Richard Harris, I just couldn’t get past the new guy. He sucked as the character. So I stopped watching the films after the 3rd.

    Lord of the Rings, specifically, I never watched the Hobbit series. The hobbits were my least favorite part of first movies (Elijah Woods is such a terrible actor). And I’m sorry, but dedicating an entire movie to five pages of a book is just a money grab, pure and simple.

  3. Zelda. I loved Zelda, from the original on the NES

    Ahh, memories! I also spent a lot of time on Super Mario Bros getting to the end to save the princess. I also remember wasting a ton of time on Megamania on the Atari.

  4. I gave reality TV about one episode and decided it wasn’t for me. I think I made it through the very first episode of Survivor and decided it was too contrived and obviously not real. It really grated on me. I’ve dabbled in a couple episodes of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance, but they’re just too irritating for me.

    I’d say about 90% of my TV viewing is dedicated to sports. The other 10% is spent on Better Call Saul, or whatever non reality show is on National Geographic or Discovery Science.

    I did give up on the Toronto Maple Leafs a few years back and I haven’t looked back since. It wasn’t good for my health, I would live and die based on the outcome of some stupid hockey game.

  5. I gave up on call of duty, grand theft auto, and Star Wars battlefront. Micro transactions have ruined the gaming industry. It’s worse than the quarter eating arcade games.

    I tacitly agree with zurvan about game of thrones. I’m a huge fan of “mountain” and the scene where he kills the Spaniard with “I killed your mother, your wife and raped your daughter” while he’s gouging dude’s eyeballs out.

    Now he’s some kind of zombie thing that appears to be written back into the series as an afterthought. If the hound dies or turns into some faggy good guy who risks his life for an innocent it will be so cringe worthy I might kms. On the average, though, just when I start liking a character they die.

  6. My all time favorite Zelda game is A Link to the Past. It was like a perfection of the first game. When I gave up on the series is when I first got a Wii and tried out Twilight Princess. I spent something like half an hour figuring out how to ride a horse and herd goats or something.

    I thought to myself, “Jeez, if I were playing the original, I would have already killed like, 30 monsters. This is boring as hell.”

    Gave up. I have heard that Breath of the Wild is awesome though. Maybe I’ll revisit the series just for that.

    Game of Thrones. Yes. I absolutely could not get into the series. I quit about halfway through the first season. Too many characters, too many independent storylines going on at once, and too many unlikable characters vs the likable ones dying constantly.

    That said, I ended up reading the books and liked them okay. Strangely, Jaime Lannister ended up being my favorite character and, remarkably, he was still alive at the end of the last book.

    LOTR. I have to break with you on that. I love the books. The movies aren’t that great though. I have too many nitpicks with Two Towers and Return of the King to enjoy them. However, I’m fully with you on The Hobbit movies. I refused to watch any of them. The book is great, but yes, you’re correct that stretching it out to three movies was nothing but a cynical effort to milk the franchise.

    REALLY hope Hollywood keeps its mitts off of the Silmarillion.

    When it comes to Harry Potter, I never read the books so I can’t fully judge Rowling as an author, although I think she’s completely obnoxious with her constant SJW pontification on every subject all of the time.

    I do like the movies, especially the three last ones more than the first few. Deathly Hallows 2 is my favorite. You might give the series another try starting with Half Blood Prince on. Dumbledore gets killed off, so if he’s your complaint, you don’t have to watch him as much.

  7. My list of dedicated shows is pretty short. I watch very little tv and don’t have cable. The only series I’m into that I’ll watch all the way through are:

    Venture Brothers
    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    Trailer Park Boys
    Stranger Things (excited for season two!)
    Ash vs Evil Dead
    Schitt’s Creek
    Mystery Science Theater 3000 (glad to have it back)

    That’s all.

  8. I have heard that Breath of the Wild is awesome though. Maybe I’ll revisit the series just for that.

    I played it a little bit at the Nintendo store in New York (Totally worth stopping in if you’re in NY). It still had a bit of that Twilight Princess, though it had more killing from what I could see. The NY store is the only place in the country where they keep the Switch in stock at all times. I ended up getting one and Breath of the wild for me soon-to-be 11 year old.

  9. I don’t have cable either, cancelled it a few years back, don’t miss it.

    Shows I generally watch:

    Top Gear, and the new version, The Grand Tour on Amazon. Those three Brits crack me the hell up. Plus I like cars.
    The Big Bang Theory
    This Is Us (If you haven’t given this one a shot yet, watch the first episode. It has a way of grabbing you. Interesting story, and the actors are fantastic.)
    Lately while on the road, I’ve been catching myself watching Shark Tank on CNBC in the evenings. Some brilliant people out there…and a lot of idiots.

  10. Shark Tank is brilliant. The aspect I find most interesting is which types of inventions and concepts the Sharks think will be profitable. I like watching them climb over each other to get in on the best ones.

    Of course, laughing at the dummies is always a pleasure too!

  11. Ash vs. Evil Dead is so very good, although I thought they mangled the shit out of the time travel paradoxes. I seriously thought the reward ceremony at the end of season two was a hallucination or something until I realized they were playing it straight.

    Have you tried Stan Against Evil on Bravo? It was a fantastic, though short 6 episodes that really helped ease our Ash craving in between episodes. John C. McGinley plays the titular lead, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that I didn’t love him in.

    The Trailer Park Boys used to be fantastic, but ever since they’ve been on Netflix each season has been… less than the previous efforts. I got halfway through whatever season where Snoop Dogg and Tom Arnold showed up at the park, and just stalled out. I think they’re spreading themselves too thin with Swearnet and all the extra content they’re cranking out for that and the main product is suffering for it.

    I haven’t watched the new MST3K yet, because to me the crew will only ever be Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy. I never liked the Joel Hodgson series all that much, but once Mike took over I was hooked. Thankfully Rifftrax means I don’t have to settle for imitators. Also, fuck Patton Oswalt. His face/voice makes me want to go on a stabbing spree, and that’s before taking his SJW tendencies into account.

  12. I gave up on The Walking Dead two episodes from the end of season two. I picked it back up when they introduced the Governer, and quit for good after that story arc. I love the comics so very much, and knew everything was going to go sideways when they kept Shane past his expiration date from the comics.

    I hated how they botched their portrayal of the Governor. In the comics he basically looks like Danny Trejo, but in the show they picked a guy who’s one shade of white away from catching fire in the sun.

    Honestly, the only good thing that they created for the show was the Dixon brothers. I’ve been a fan of Norman Reedus since the Boondock Saints, and Michael Rooker has always been criminally overlooked in my opinion.

    I’ve consciously turned my back on Star Wars. I don’t consider the prequels to be canon, and I walked out of Episode 7 numb because that basically killed the last shred of my childhood inside. Fuck J. J. Abrams. I don’t understand why everyone is in love with him, because there’s literally no script out there that he can’t make worse.

    I’m on the fence about American Gods on Starz. I’ve been letting episodes pile up so I can watch it in bursts. You know things aren’t going to go well when you’re seeing entire episodes of filler by the third one. I absolutely love the book, which I generally read every year or two just to keep it fresh in my mind, and I’m afraid they’re going to do a Hobbit on it and try to stretch it out for multiple seasons where it could have been done neatly in 12 episodes. I also hate their portrayal of Anansi as sort of a prophetic Al Sharpton in a worse suit.

  13. Ah, but the previous two wore me down. I can’t stand Clara. I thought it would get better with her gone, but I didn’t get the sense that it was.

    Maybe I’ll revisit it down the road. But for now, it’s off my list.

  14. Call of Duty. mostly enjoyed the games right up to the Black ops 3 game, after that.. meh.. ..the story lines got more contrived and odd ass.. oh
    HALF LIFE…… i have given up all hope that there will be a HL3……………. fucking Valve….

  15. i really enjoyed the first season, but could see that it was gonna be a one shot pony…the 2nd season it went into the dumpster…

  16. Yeah, the time travel paradox left me scratching my head. I mean, if he undid everything then it seems like everyone in the present time should’ve had no idea anything ever happened, right? Sort of like the end of Final Fantasy on the old NES.

    I’m still in love with the show. I even went as Ash for Halloween last year (and probably will again). Season 3 should be a good mindfuck.

    I hadn’t heard of Stan Against Evil. I’ll check it out. It’s on Amazon.

    For Trailer Park Boys, this last season had me laughing hard. I think they’ve still got it.

    Finally, you really should watch MST3K. They’re doing fantastic work with it. It’s sufficiently faithful to the Joe/Mike eras while being its own thing too. They even reference the earlier stuff from time to time.

    Oswalt is obnoxious, but hey, Felicia Day! Her duet with Neil Patrick Harris was the high point of the season, for me.

    Anyway, speaking as a fellow longtime MSTie, I’ll just say that it’s worth watching. Give it a chance.

  17. See, now that I think about it, I did give up on Star Wars once before. After the prequels. Mrs Thrill was even quicker. She quit after The Phantom Menace. Didn’t even bother with the next two turds.

    I liked The Force Awakens, despite some nitpicks. My sense for years had been that a reboot of the franchise was necessary because of the prequels and I thought Abrams did what was needed short of that. If they don’t do something new in Episodes 8 & 9 though, I might be out for good.

  18. Big Bang Theory…… after the guys got Gf’s it wasnt that funny any more…and some of the Nerd humor was….. meh,,,
    Star Trek Voyager…… i stuck it out for 3 seasons, got tired of the sanctimonious crap, weak stories shitty charters, and no real feeling of them living on the edge…dropped back in on the “year of Hell” miniarch… then they hit the reset button…. walked away after that.
    Agents of Shield……just lost interest…
    The Shield…… after a few seasons it wasnt that shocking or engaging any more.
    As for BSG, i would have quit midway through the New Caprica story if it hadn’t been my desire to see how the hell Moore was gonna write him out of that mess, after he want all protest McBushhitlerchimpy…

  19. I forgot how politicized BSG was. But yeah, that hack Moore did lay it on pretty thick in a few episodes.

  20. ah 2 shows that i stopped watching because i simply could not watch them when the kids were up… Banshee, and strike back….

  21. You want Politicized? Watch Designated Survivor. I was really looking forward to the premise. I mean, all of the jackass politicians in Washington get wiped out? That’s some karma right there. And Jack Bauer (ok, not Jack Bauer) has to pick up the pieces? Sign me up. It was interesting to see some of the immediate aftermath – a state trying to secede, and not recognizing the POTUS? Interesting legal questions.

    But they have laid the liberal BS on quite thick on a few episodes. Their episode about gun control was a joke that felt like it was written by the Brady Campaign. And I won’t spoil the main conspiracy plot, but let’s just say the show was written by liberals.

  22. Ah, I just can’t watch dramas. As my list of shows proves, I try to detach from reality and seriousness as much as humanly possible. I’d crack if I couldn’t escape the news cycle now and then.

  23. oh i watched that fora bout 6 episodes.. i could not take it any more the plot was clear as day. and Using anti-tank mines to blow up the capitol? What in the fuck? it would take THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS! to even to come close….t… then thee was the business as normal attitude afterwards? .. ugh

  24. Yeah, I wasn’t fond of Clara either. Just not a very interesting character (although Heaven Sent was one of the best episode of the entire run).

  25. Yeah, I can see why. Hal mentioned on Twitter that she’s growing on him though. I hope the show does well. It’s just gotten to where I’m finding each episode and season to be completely forgettable.

    I’ve never gotten over the Ponds.

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