Besides the oppressive hot and humid weather (which has been mercifully mild this year), a downfall of this season in my part of the country is living with the Insect Horde.  Since we’ve had a couple of mild winters without any prolonged deep freezes, the little shits are absolutely everywhere.  Worse, the oak mites are back.  Seriously.  Don’t come to Kansas City this summer.  Those things are the worst and they’re everywhere.

Anyhoo, we picked up a wicked ant and fruit fly infestation in our kitchen during the month of May.  Mrs Thrill won’t let me use poison spray in the kitchen because she has this weird idea that I shouldn’t unleash toxic substances all over the areas where we prepare food.  Usually, I can control the ants just fine with my homemade borax bait, and fruit flies can usually be handled with a small glass of wine left sitting out.  But not this year.  They were relentless.

One evening, as I was wiping off the kitchen counters, I discovered a little jumping spider loitering by the sink.  Usually, when I find the spider in the house it gets a courtesy transport to the garden.  For reasons I can’t explain, I decided to leave this one alone.  “I see you there,” I said.  “If you kill even one of those goddamn gnats, you’re okay with me.”

Well, believe it or not, but the little bastard cleaned house. Within two days, there were zero ants or fruit flies to be found in the kitchen.  Notably, the ants were still popping up in the dining room, thanks to the kids’ atrocious snacking habits.  The kitchen though?  Nothing but a happy jumping spider.

On the third day, he startled me when he shot out from under a towel while I was about to do dishes.  I didn’t want Mrs Thrill to freak out when she encountered him, so I went ahead and took him out to the strawberry patch to live a long and wonderful little spider life.

Our kitchen has been pest free ever since.  Have to love natural pest control.

This thread is dedicated to all of the tiny arthropods.  They live among us and all around us.  Watching us with their thousand little eyes.  Laying their eggs all over our homes.  Sucking our blood.  Providing a service for the ecosystem, somehow.

This week’s themes:

  1. Bugs.  Simple enough.
  2. Pest Control.  Songs about mass extermination.  Get metal with this.
  3. Heebie Jeebies.  Any video that makes you go “squick”.

All are welcome to participate.  To do so, just share a YouTube video in the comments that matches one of the provided themes.  Your selections will be added to the embedded playlist.

And now for the weekly dedications!

pfluffy: The Kurt Loder music.  Title appropriate, but God knows what Scott was thinking of when he wrote it.

santino: I speak specifically of spiders.  A favorite of mine from this band.

westvirginiarebel: Speaking of useful bugs.

Zurvan: We’re already dead.

spootyjim: Last, but by no means least, a sort of two-fer for track and band names.

Want a dedication of your own next week?  Share a song.

This week’s featured band is Okilly Dokilly, a metalcore tribute to Ned Flanders. I don’t know what to make of it, but it amuses me.

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My very first thought for the Bugs! category was Links 2 3 4 by Rammstein. It’s got killer ants which are bad enough, but they also caught hell for perceived Nazi sympathy due to the formations assumed by the ants in the video. So, killer Nazi ants really ups the squick factor.


I wish there was a way to edit posts, since right after I hit post I realized I had an awesome candidate for Heebie Jeebies. Lotion by Greenskeepers is a weirdly catchy song about Buffalo Bill from “The Silence of the Lambs” and makes good use of the movie footage. While the content of the movie never bothered me, my 7 year old wandered in while I was watching it – so I had to explain why It puts the lotion on It’s skin. Her reaction was funny enough to be worth all future therapist bills I’m going to have… Read more »


Interesting topic. Two nights ago I killed about 20 scorpions out on my block fence in the backyard. Hate those little bastards.

1. Bugs:

Alien Ant Farm – Movies.

Dave Matthew’s Band – Ant’s Marching.

Owl City – Fireflies

Love all three songs.


I would be remiss to not mention Papa Roach – Last Resort.

Duh, fixed my post.


I wish I had that power.

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music with bugs… ugh i got nothing, well otehr than the new slipknot post. OH lol forgot about this one Maggots!

now as for things that make ya go. “squick”
parasites… ack weather bug or human make me .,. guh…
fish tongue bug

In people….

maggots used in health care….

Found this by accident…. Maggot head..

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