Once again a left-leaning newsie finds that even he can be held to account for his public statements.

The organizers of a parade in South Carolina have decided to exclude minority groups, who hold views that are not popular with the organizers. Had this been the other way around, I have to wonder how it would have played out. Probably a lot like the cake thing, or that Saint Patty’s Day parade a few years ago.

The people of Catalonia have decided to have their own vote on a break from Spain. I am surprised that the EU let it get this far. Should this go through, along with Brexit, what does the future hold for the old nations of Europe, with regions that have yearned to be free of their  old masters?

Evergreen College. Wow, can you talk about batshit crazy. This reminds me of the leftism of the fictional college of Port Chester in a that predictive movie: PCU.

The right to keep and bear ARMS.  If they be musket, rifle, cannon, machine gun , mag fed, belt fed, swords, or even knives are ARMS.  The concept seems to elude some.

Pelosi is getting more and more unhinged with each passing day.

ATTN: Lt. Frank Drebin ……I have to say that I am proud of the freedoms we have, especially when it has once again become cool to do presidential assassination skits, plays and movies.


  1. The parade thing is interesting. I saw a lot of commenters file it in the “bake that homo cake you racist” but I don’t think that applies. That Supreme Court case was about providing discrimination based service (not that I even agree with that scotus decision, it’s important to make a distinction) and I don’t think the parade organizers are bound constitutionally in any way to accommodate parties or groups they don’t feel supports their message.

    I don’t think this group should be forced to capitulate and let the gay trumpalos in because that sets a bad precedent for political discourse. If you were organizing a second amendment parade wouldn’t you want the ability to disinvite nazis from marching with you? Let’s say the group was “nazis for white gun ownership” and they wanted to donate and march with all the other second amendment advocates would you just throw your arms in the air and say “well, I guess anyone can shit in our punch bowl because ???”

    One would think you could stop a distraction like that from taking away your legitimate second amendment cause.

  2. As far as the evergreen story: I’ve said on numerous occasions that if the government is taking the point position financing our futures they should also routinely audit schools for competency. It’s a tall order because I don’t completely disagree with some of evergreen’s cross-disciplinary attitudes toward degrees. Honestly, in today’s competitive market a worker needs to be nimble enough to change roles if they need to. In addition, if your career work isn’t measured in A-F why does a school need that system? An A-F only really measures recall, not “out of the box” thinking that companies often ask for.

    However, as with most cherry picked “this is a slippery slope” examples that suit an agenda, evergreen seems to have let the lunatics run the asylum. I don’t think it’s completely onerous to let students violate a group’s civil rights to prove a point. What these students were really doing is bullying someone who disturbed their myopic world view.

    A lot of this generation learns political views in “right or wrong” instead of problem solving or debate. I’m sure in their myopic view this was “right” because even if it basically violates white people’s right to access education based on their skin color, it doesn’t begin to make up for centuries of “white privilege.”

    I doubt they even realize the bitter irony of this action because their world is so insular they’d block anyone who opposes their views on twitter and Facebook.

  3. “I don’t think it’s completely onerous to let students violate a group’s civil rights to prove a point”

    Should read:

    I think it’s completely onerous to let students violate a group’s civil rights to prove a point

  4. Given PR’s financial issues and that I’d prefer not to add 2 Democrats to the Senate, I’m a firm “no” on giving them statehood. I don’t see the current Congress thinking any differently.

  5. Yea I grew up with Adam West’s Batman. I love the dark Batman stuff, but the campy stuff is just ridiculous fun as a grown up!

  6. I don’t understand why any parent, particularly a white one, would send his or her kid to Evergreen now or ever. The administrators don’t seem to care that bending over for racist student activists devastated the University of Missouri in terms of enrollment. The same thing is going to happen to them.

    There is zero chance that I would allow any of my children to attend a university that tolerates mob behavior. I’m sure millions of other people feel the same way.

  7. How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go? Jared kushner has a store bought degree from Harvard but it doesn’t diminish my view of harvard’s academic excellence otherwise.

    The author clearly write the article from the stand point of “these crazy kids these days” but not all of the educational approaches I disagree with.

    If evergreen excels in some area, and that area is a slam dunk for what your child wants to do in the future you’re going to bite the bullet and send them there.

  8. No, I would not. If the administration of any college was tolerating intimidation by the student body to the point that classes are being disrupted because even a professor doesn’t feel safe, I wouldn’t send my kids there under any circumstances.

    You’re talking about institutional reputation. I’m talking about an institution actively enabling a violent and disruptive culture. What’s going on at Evergreen is lunacy and it’s only happening because the administration is allowing it.

    I care less about who graduated from a particular school than whether my kids are going to get their heads busted by some Antifa twat and the administration allows it because “social justice”.

  9. Since there’s no thread on the NBA finals…

    Less than 10 minutes left in a do or die situation, your team is behind and “the best player in the world” takes a break on the bench. Yeah, no, he’s not, nor will he ever be as good as the greats of the game. He may have all the talent in the world, but he doesn’t have ‘it’.

  10. That’s interesting for a math person Day because statistic wise he’s off the fucking chart the best player to ever dribble a basketball. This isn’t 1991 and the bulls vs. whoever. That was a half court game where each team took as much time with the possession of the ball as possible, greatly slowing the pace down.

    This is five of the most undersized and nimble percentage shooters ever assembled that that play “3 and D” coast to coast and have mathematically changed game analytics with attempts and shooting percentages. I won’t smite a guy for resting a couple of minutes from coast to coast sprinting for an hour.

    If James is such a non factor why does he single handedly change a team from a .500 team to an instant championship contender with the change of a jersey?

    He needs to rethink how much money he wants to make vs. what his legacy will be but that’s it.

  11. I agree with Judge on this one. It’s hard to disparage someone who almost single-handedly brought them back from the brink of elimination last year, has been to the last 7 Finals, and averaged a triple double over the Finals this year. I’ll allow him his 2 minutes of rest.

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