Just hours ago, U.S. Representative Steve Scalise was one of five people shot at a park in Alexandria, VA while Senators and Representatives were practicing for their upcoming charity baseball game. Key takeaways so far:

  • Scalise is in stable condition and looks like he will be ok
  • The gunman was taken into custody
  • Over 40 shots were fired in the encounter, spanning around ten minutes
  • Capitol Police were on scene and seem to have been key in preventing a massacre

Already this morning, there have been numerous eyewitness accounts that are just fascinating to hear. Sen. Rand Paul, for instance, described the dramatic scene.

Of course, numerous tweets have extended sympathies across the political spectrum. However, it is always interesting to see a bit into the minds of crazed partisans:

This event is sure to kick off another round of “debate” over gun violence and gun control legislation. What will be interesting is how the debate takes shape, given that the target(s) appear to be Republicans. Will this prompt some in the GOP to shift to a more gun-grabbing mentality? How will the left deal with their own language being thrown back in their face?

It’s the latter question that interests me the most. For years, every time there is a widely-publicized shooting, we hear bromides trotted out about how the right’s “violent rhetoric” contributes to gun violence. The theory is that such rhetoric encourages the crazies to take action. But this shooting, as well as more recent attacks on Trump supporters in Oakland, Los Angeles, and elsewhere seem to turn the tables a bit. Does this theory go the other way? Will the left and Democrats acknowledge and address the voices in their own ranks can drive their crazies to do bad things?

I won’t hold my breath.

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Nothing horrifies me so much as people treating politics as war. I’m downright heartsick about this.

Anybody who’s glad this happened should be shunned.

Trump’s statement. He got it right by focusing on the victims and the heroism of the Capitol Police.


Not a drop of partisanship.

Wow crazy shooter in San Francisco UPS store, too. WTF?

Bernie Sanders statement. Very well said:



Certainly makes a change from his incitement-of-violence mob-frenzy approach. https://www.nytimes.com/video/us/100000004269364/trump-and-violence.html

Indeed. I just hope it’s understood that what happened today was not somehow justified based on anything Trump has done.

Rhetoric matters and when Trump condoned violence at his rallies, violence occurred. Similarly, many Democrats out there–some of them famous–have been condoning assassination against Trump. What happened in DC is bound to keep happening more if the violent speech and imagery isn’t reigned in.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Sure, this was a politically motivated attack so there’s lots of focus there but the thing that I still can’t wrap my head around is there was an incident involving the shooter and his daughter that was indicted but inexplicably dropped by the da. He was accused of cutting his daughter out of her seatbelt in her friend’s car, hitting her friend in the face and then struck someone with a gun butt and fired a round at the person when later confronted about it. He was initially charged and then the case inexplicably dropped. If there was red flag… Read more »

i was wondering how long it wuld be before we had a politically motivated murder come from the left after Trump got elected…

they push a narrative day after day that Hitler reborn as Trump is rising in the east to smother their children in their sleep. …. and they all of a sudden have the gall to say “oh this is soo terrible. violence is not a option.”..

more of a call to stand their ground against violent protesters… a bit different from shooting people ina ballpark…
And Obama was no stranger to talking about applying violence either.

Trumps problem is he has a habit of talking out of his ass and not thinking how its gonna be interpreted.


So glad you’re here to bring the “they did it too” argument. I’ll wait for your well wishes once you get the venom out.


Yep it seems that so long as there is evidence of it on both sides, nobody seems to need to take responsibility for their rhetoric. “Nobody can pin anything directly to what I said so therefore I’ll continue saying whatever the fuck I like”. Trump got elected directly after inciting violence, so we have the ultimate proof that there is no incentive to speak responsibly.


That’s got to be parody, right? I mean, the video, and your last sentence?

It wasn’t that long ago that punching So called nazis was the cool thing to do..

LOL, Thril you beat me to it!

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