The tragedy of the Grenfell Fire has been eclipsed, here in the US, by the Alexandria shooting, sadly. Despite the horrific political motivations of the shooting, the Tower fire is far more tragic.  The number of dead and missing  continues to grow, and looks to top 100. That’s out of 600+ residents with the actual number of people living there or there at the time, seeming to be a unknown.

Now  details emerge about the poor quality of the tower’s exterior cladding fire resistance (which seems to have accelerated the spreading of the fire) and poor management of the building’s safety infrastructure. The mishandling of displaced residents has sparked outcry and protest, as donations flow into relief centers and churches. The political fallout seems to be hitting the May government pretty hard, as accusations fly. 

In other news, The US Navy Destroyer USS Fitzgerald, collided with a cargo ship just outside Yokosuka, Japan. As of the latest news, 7 sailors are still missing. The collision occurred late at night and from the damage it seems the  destroyer was crossing the Cargo-ships T, when they collided. Various reports claim that the destroyer’s electronic systems  and or Radar were down, either they were being repaired or the ship was running silent, no electronic emissions. Given how big these cargo ships are  one has to wonder  how the hell did the watch officer, helmsmen, and watch miss this ship and allow the collision to occur?  But it’s safe to say that the careers of the Captain and XO are over. The fate of the 7 that are missing is still unknown, but it does not look good.

When i saw the link of the Drudge Report, Alex Jones leaks Megyn Kelly tape, I was.. well excited! WOOT!!

Then reality set in. Imagine my disappointment that it was not some  scandalous sex tape, but just Alex’s pre interview recording, of Kelly’s interview with the conspiracy theory nutter.  I have to say this a smart thing to do for Alex, given how such interviews can and have been rearranged to put the interviewee in a bad light. If i was a politician on my way to be interviewed, I sure as hell would have my own camera crew there to produce my own copy of the interview.

Illinois, what can ya say? The state’s finances are such a disaster.  There’s still no state budget and they are months, even years behind on payments to various vendors , schools, hospitals, cities.  Now the other shoe is dropping. The Lottery association that manages the multi state lotto is considering dropping Illinois from the system due to its lack of payment to lottery winners and  lack of a state budget.

In Australia, apparently one can face contempt of court charges if you criticize the actions and decisions of the court system. It seems the Judges on a terror case were accused, by 3 government ministers of being lenient to those convicted on terrorism charges. The court then  demanded their appearance to face charges,as they put the court in disrepute and made a claim that the judges’ ideology would prevent them from fully punishing the terrorist.

The manhunt for two fugitives that killed two prison guards and made a escape, are now recaptured in Rutherford County, Tennessee. The were not  brought to heel by the police, whom were in a wild gunfight and chase, but by a  armed citizen who held them at bay till the police arrived. My only problem with this is that they survived, and now will drain the taxpayers more.  Or at least until Georgia executes them.

SpaceX Elon Musks aerospace company, which has reliably demonstrated the technology of reusable launchers, has ambitious dreams. Dreams of expanding Man’s Domain  from Earth To Mars, while this has been the stuff of science fiction dreams, Musk intends to utilize the new family of launch vehicles to establish a settlement on the red planet. I, for one, am excited about this, this is far more ambitious than anything NASA ever could hope to get funded. Musk has a long way to go to fulfill his dreams but he has the drive that is sadly lacking in this nation.

The annual summer blockbuster/crapfest has started. What movies do you intend to watch or avoid this year?  Me? I intend to go see the new Spider-Man movie,

Marvel has a solid record of producing good fun movies.  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. was a pleasant surprise as being just as fun as the previous installment and maybe even a bit better! Transformers number 7 (or whatever), I’ll go see it , even though the last one almost put me to sleep. The kids demand it, so I’ll take them. Despicable Me 3, yeah.. the last 2 were fun, why not?

I am avoiding Baywatch , the Pirates and The Mummy.  The Brandon Fraiser, one was soo much fun.,.no thanks..

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Marvel movies get the characters right. DC, with the exception of Batman, hasn’t had such a great track record.

Also, RIP Stephen Furst.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. was a pleasant surprise as being just as fun as the previous installment and maybe even a bit better!

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For movies, I’m really looking forward to Dunkirk. Wonder Woman was great. Don’t have time to see much else but everyone who’s seen GOG2 agrees with your assessment.

My husband and son went to Wonder Woman and Guardians 2 and loved them both. I had a ticket for WW but wasn’t feeling well and didn’t go.


I liked GOTG2, but it wasn’t as good as the first, IMNSHO.

I’ve been catching up on movies this week – Wonder Woman I thought was really good. Perhaps not deserving all the fawning praise, but definitely the best DC movie since the dark Knight.

You know what else I saw that completely surprised me? Kong Skull Island. It was great, really enjoyable schlocky action nonsense. Wasn’t trying to be anything else, other than a huge Monkey movie.

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