After dumping millions into another special election loss  the Democrats  have found a silver lining on it all. The percentages of people voting for the Democrats are growing slowly, in these heavily GOP leaning districts. If one projects this as a nation wide trend, the Democrats have a shot <assuming that no more democrat nutters shoot congressmen> at getting a few seats back in 2018.

Speaking of throwing money down a hole. Puerto Rico might go full Illinois before Illinois goes full Illinois

Ms.Lynch has been asked by the Senate Judiciary committee to explain her involvement and possible manipulation of the investigation in to the Clinton Email matter.

It is now revealed that prior to leaving office, Obama ordered US intel agencies to begin to install malicious  software into Russian networks in response to Russia’s interference in our 2016 election.    I do not know what bothers me more: that a highly classified intelligence operation has been revealed, thereby  exposing it to counter intelligence action and public scrutiny…or that actively planting software to use as a retaliatory strike, or a first strike, in another nation’s networks over a claim of election interference. There is so much that could go wrong with this. All of this Russia hate is a far cry from the days of “more flexibility”.

In Nebraska a Democrat party official  got caught, on audio, saying that he wished Steve Scalise had been killed during the recent Alexandria shooting. In response the DNC canned his ass, which is a shame. There has been a lot of talk about snowflake Republicans,  that can not handle some criticism and foul language, and demand the job of those that speak out publicly against Trump or the GOP. In truth, this does ring true to some extent.

However, I think that those whose masks slip off a bit and reveal themselves a bit should be encouraged to stay right where they are, stay in their positions of power representing their constituents and donors.  Nancy Pelosi should renounce the  calls to resign.  She should woman up and tell off the misogynists in her party that she will stay and lead her party like she has for the last 14 or so years.

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I hate Illinois bankruptcies.

Meanwhile, Fake News is in meltdown mode.

Bernie Sanders has his own culture of corruption going on.

Is our children not learning?

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